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Daily National Intelligencer
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Description: Laborers Wanted for Marble Work

Date: April 29 1817

Newspaper published in: Washington, DC

Page/Column: Page 1

Laborers & Sawyers Wanted for Marble Work at the Capitol

Wanted Immediately, at the Marble Quarry, on the Potomac, Montgomery county, Maryland, one hundred strong, healthy, laboring men, to whom liberal wages will be given; and for strong healthy Negro men ninety dollars from the 1st of April until the 1st of January next, or in proportion for such time as they shall remain at the Quarry.

By order of the President of the United States.
Samuel Lane, Comír. of the P.B. U. States.

Apply to:
John Nelson, Esq., Fredericktown, Md.
John Littlejohn, Esq., Leesburg, Va.
Joshua Shelton, Esq., near Conradís Ferry.
Major Noland, at Aldie, Loudon County, Va.
Samuel Clapham, Esq., Loudon County, Va.
John Hartnett, at the Quarry.
The Printers of this paper. Alexandria papers, or
To the Commissioner of the Public Buildings of the United States, at Washington.
April 2.

N.B. The Alexandria Herald and Gazette, the Fredericktown Examiner and Herald, will publish the above three weeks, and forward their bills to the Commissioner of the Public Buildings for payment.

- - - - - - -

Wanted: At the Capitol of the United States, a number of sawyers. Apply to Shadrack DAVIS, Clerk of the Works.

April 19.

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