The Huntsvillle Daily Times
The Huntsvillle Daily Times
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Description: Cold Threatens Lake Regions;
Definite Date of Flood May Be Fixed

Date: January 26 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Columns 1 & 7

================ Page 1, Column 1 =================
CHICAGO, Jan. 25 (INS) Another cold wave was due to strike Chicago and the lower Great Lakes region tonight. The mercury dropped gradually last night and early today. By night the temperature was at zero and below was expected according to the weather bureau.
New floods threatened along the Wabash river through southwestern Indiana and eastern Illinois as the ice jams dammed tons of water and ice. Although relief workers under the direction of Red Cross reported virtually all marooned families provided with emergency food and clothing a new menace of shattered levees and flooded villages made rescue groups and marooned colonies uneasy.

================ Page 1, Column 7 =================
CHICAGO, Jan. 25 (AP) Definite dating of the flood, which the Bible relates, destroyed all living things except those in the ark, is expected from tablets recently unearthed at the site of ancient Kish in Mesopotamia, it was announced today by the Field Museum of Natural History.
The announcement followed receipt of a report from L. C. Watelin, field director of the Field-Oxford University joint expedition, which for seven years has been digging up the Kishian terrain. Watelin said a number of inscribed tablets had been found in the lower strata of the many which cover the site, along with geological and other evidence of a flood. The tablets have been turned over to Professor Stephen Langdon of Oxford, noted archeologist and director general of the expedition.

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