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The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Saved Her Brother By Having Him Pinched;
Rev. Charles Palmerston In Weaker Condition;
Girl Victim of Fiendish Attack

Date: January 27 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 10

================ Page 10, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, Jan. 27 (AP) – Marie Yakal, 19, is her brother’s keeper. She “snitched” on him to police yesterday; had him “pinched”. It was the only way she knew to save him from himself.
It was a hard position for Marie. One of six children, she was had to shift for herself. So has brother Charlie, 18. She got a job. Charlie knocked around, sleeping here and there, in pool rooms and bowling alleys. His friends were made from among the gangs that hang around street corners at night.
Marie worked. From her slight savings she gave him help. At nights, her work done, she would seek him out in the dark streets. No place for a girl, but sisters love their brothers.
Last night she found she had failed. Charlie boasted to her; said there was a safe his gang was going to “crack”, they’d tried the same “box” three times before, but last night they’d open it sure.
Marie was crying when she walked into the detective bureau shortly afterward, but her head was high. The tears that streamed from swollen eyes came unashamed. She snitched.
“He will go on until he kills somebody,” she said. “He is my brother, but I would rather see him in prison than - that.”
The law got Charlie, and got his pals – Angelo and Louis Ferraro, 19 and 16 years old respectively, and William Rinkowski, 18.
Today Marie was back on the job. She doesn’t make much; but she works – and Charlie in jail, can think about that.

================ Page 10, Column 6 =================
In Weaker Condition
CHICAGO, Jan. 27 (AP) – The most Rev. Charles Palmerston Anderson, presiding bishop of the Episcopal church in America, who has been critically ill since last Tuesday from a heart attack, was in a somewhat weaker condition today. There had been a slight improvement in the primate’s condition yesterday.

================ Page 10, Column 8 =================
CHICAGO, Jan. 27 (AP) – A vial of acid was thrown into the face of Miss Bertha St. Clair last night by an elderly, well dressed man who escaped.
Miss St. Clair, a stenographer, could give no better description of her assailant. She faces the prospect of disfigurement and possible loss of her eyesight.

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