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St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: A Brother in Law Nips the Love-Mission of a Maiden in the Bud.

Date: July 29 1881

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

The course of true love was unpleasantly disturbed by a meddlesome brother in law this morning, and the tears of all young ladies who are afflicted with a family annex in the shape of an elder sister's husband will flow in sympathy for a distressed little maiden from Illinois when the Post Dispatch has unfolded her story. Mr. James J. HAMILTON, a gentleman whose appearance denoted his agricultural pursuit, called at the Recorder's office early this morning, and stated that he desired to enter a protest against the possible issue of a marriage license on the ground of the young lady, who is his sister in law, being yet under age. The recording clerk asked for the names of the parties and said that up to that hour there had been no applications today for matrimonial permits. The farmer drew a breath of relief and went on to say that the name of his young sister in law is Matilda CHESNEY and she resides at Nashville, a small town in Washington County, Illinois. Miss CHESNEY is a half orphan, her mother being dead, and her relatives at Nashville have opposed her alliance with Mr. Jacob YOUNG, of Nashville. The young couple - no pun is intended - made up their minds, however, that the love which laughs at locksmiths, would defy the upraised hand of relatives, and a run over to St. Louis was planned for this morning. The brother in law, who resides opposite the prospective bride, surmised this and took the first train this morning for the metropolis. He saw his sister in law on the train in company with YOUNG, but carefully avoided them, and when Main street was reached he dashed down the stairs and made for the Recorder's office at a 2:40 gait. Having entered his protest, the brother in law retired to await further developments. The young people shortly appeared and presented their application for a license. The maiden, a pretty little specimen of fresh rural simplicity, modestly replied to the formal questions with a blush and a soft undertone until the clerk, looking her straight in the eye, asked: "What is your exact age, Miss CHESNEY?" The girl did not hesitate, but spoke out: "I am not yet 18 years old." "Then in that case we need not go any further in this matter at present," replied the clerk with an air of almost judicial gravity. "Come and see us again, Miss CHESNEY. St. Louis is a pleasant summer resort." Mr. YOUNG held down his head perplexed, then looked up at the clerk, and stammered out something about the father's consent. The recording clerk assured him that the father's consent was indispensable in such a case, and he should be consulted in the matter right away. The young people left the office, putting the best face possible upon the cruel disappointment. If the father consents, however, they may be happy yet, the brother in law to the contrary notwithstanding.

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