St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: As Old as the Hills.

Date: January 25 1883

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

John BURKE, of Water Valley, Miss., died at the age of 105 years last year.

Ruth HUMPHREY lives in East Grantville, Mass., at the age of 103 years and six months.

Duncan FORD, of Powhatan county, Virginia, died last week at the "accurately ascertained age" of 120 years.

"Uncle Bill" WHITLEY, of Furr's Township, near Stanly, N.C., recently took oath in court that he was over 100 years old.

Ninety-eight years and eight months was the age of Mrs. Mary CORBIN, who died at Greenville, N.H., a few days ago.

"At ninety four years and four months" will be inscribed on the tombstone marking the burial place of Lewis MORRISON, whose death occurred recently at Anthony's Mill, Va.

Patrick KEENAN, whose standing bull, "I am a landmark in Vicksburg," helped out his name in clinching his nationality, died in that Mississippi city last week at the age of ninety-seven.

Radcliff PERRY, a colored man, supposed to be about 102 years of age, died in Fayetteville, N.C., on the 8th inst. He was one of the carpenters employed by Joseph SEWELL in the construction of the Henrietta steamboat, built at Fayetteville in 1819.

Mrs. Isabella SPROULL, whose death occurred in New York yesterday, was born in 1788. She was one of three sisters who lived together and whose combined ages were 245 years. Two of them, one single and the other a widow, both of whom are over fifty years of age, survive her.

Jane TURNER, colored, was a married woman when the British bombarded Lewes, Del., during the war of 1812. She used to say that she could call to mind occurrences many years prior to that event. All persons who knew her believed her to be more than 100 years old. She died near Houston, Del., on the 14th inst.


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