The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Violence On Front Pages;
Mrs. Turpey Can't Fry Eggs on Ice;
Enraged Husband Kills His Wife

Date: February 19 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 7, Column 5; Page 9, Columns 4 & 5

================ Page 7, Column 5 =================
Bombs And Bullets Make Up Daily News Budget In Chicago
CHICAGO, Feb. 19 (AP) – Bombs and bullets came back to the front pages today.
A bomb exploded shortly after midnight in the front doorway of the Cosmos Products Company on the south side, tossing from bed members of a family living in the two story brick building. The property damage was estimated at several thousand dollars. Windows of other buildings in the block were broken.
Police believe the bomb may have been set by bootleggers angered because the Products company refused to buy from them alcohol for use in the manufacture of drugs and drugstore supplies.
Masked men with pistols resumed activity after a long intermission by robbing G. W. Weber, a sales manager, and his wife of cash and jewelry totaling $3,500 in value.
Two Tuesday murders continued to occupy detectives. A man with a torn face was hunted as the slayer of Mrs. Agnes Lavander, 35 years old, whose body was found in a ditch near the Forest Glen station of the Milwaukee railroad yesterday. The man, unshaven and with a fresh and ugly wound in his left cheek, appeared last night at a railroad station a mile from the murder scene, and inquired directions as to the quickest means of getting out of this town. Told no passenger trains were available for hours, he asked about freight trains. His clothing was torn, as though during a struggle.
John Seibel, once held under suspicion he might be the “Cat Bandit” whose depredations alarmed the north side for several months, was under arrest, having been found wandering aimlessly near the crime scene. Police said they had checked his story that he was at a movie the night Mrs. Lavander was killed, and were inclined to believe Seibel would be set free.
The slaying of Dong Foy, a young Chinese who was shot to death Monday night in the center of Chicago’s Chinatown, had brought no clues to the identity of his slayer.

================ Page 9, Column 4 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 19 (AP) – Mrs. Catherine Turpey, 56, could not fry eggs on ice and this made her husband, William, very very angry. The idea, Mrs. Turpey explained in her bill for separate maintenance was to save gas. She said William became cruel at her failure, because he knew it could be done, having seen the feat performed by a magician.

================ Page 9, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 19 (INS) – An enraged husband shot and killed his wife as she was wheeling her two small children on the street here today and then inflicted a probably fatal wound in himself.
The woman, Mrs. Mary Delatowski, 27, was shot through the heart when she refused to return home with her husband, John, who had accused her of going with other men. They had been estranged.

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