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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Chicago Will Soon Have Plenty Money;
Compulsory Insurance Requisite To Marriage;
Fixed The Street After Breaking Eggs;
New Arrests Made In Big Crime Drive;

Date: February 23 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Pages 1, 2, 3 & 6

================ Page 1, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 22 (AP) Chicagos rosy future, when cash will be in hand was shoved a little further along on the calendar today as financial leaders looked over the first flush of enthusiasm to perceive hard work ahead.
Yesterdays bauble of joy that expanded with logical plans for raising an immediate $50,000,000 to run Cook countys embarrassed government until June lost luster in the reluctance of many tax payers to subscribe before receiving advice from their attorneys.
A meeting of high pressure 4-minute men in the offices of Banker Philip R. Clarke, who will lead a war-like liberty loan drive for funds added perfection to the plans already adopted but revealed the fact that actual cash, with which to replenish the larders of some 43,000 public employees is improbable before March 1. Yesterday the leaders were saying money would be in hand next Tuesday at the latest.
It was decided at the meeting to enlarge the drive beyond the large taxpayers and ask the general public to chip in.
Under the promises made by the Sals Strawn citizens rescue committee, the whole $50,000,000 must be subscribed before a cent of money will be collected. When the sum is subscribed and collected the drive will then be pushed on to $74,000,000.

================ Page 2, Column 6 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 22 (AP) Compulsory life insurance as a prerequisite to marriage was advocated today by Probate Judge John C. Karel, of Milwaukee, at the national fraternal congress of America convention.
This insurance, taken out in favor of the bride, would serve a dual purpose, the judge said. In event of the husbands death it would prevent his family from being left destitute and it would enforce operation of eugenic laws which require each of the contracting parties to a marriage to be physically fit, he said.

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 22 (AP) One may carry all ones eggs in one basket in the 2500 block of Fullerton avenue today without fear. That is Frank Debrauweres doings.
Driving up to his meat market yesterday, Debrauweres automobile struck one of the several holes in the pavement. They broke, turned yellow and ran all over everything.
Debrauwere did not lose his temper. He did not unbraid the department of streets or shout down imprecations upon the city government. He went forth and procured a pick, shovel, cement and some bricks. He fixed the hole. He knew the city was broke, and he felt that if he waited for municipal repairs it might be a long, long time.
Other merchants observed his civic activities. They got picks shovels, cement and bricks. The 2500 block on Fullerton avenue today had been made safe for eggs.

================ Page 6, Column 3 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 22 (AP) Two suspected safe robbers and a woman companion were arrested and a quantity of dynamite and a 45-calibre pistol were seized in the police drive on crime today while Colonel Robert L. Randolph, commander in chief of the businessmens forces, marshaled his men for a new crusade against the criminal.
The two suspects were Albert and Earl Van Pelt, in whose automobile the police found the pistol and dynamite. The woman was Alberts wife. Following the arrests a squad of detectives began a series of raids on southside haunts seeking other members of the safe robber gang.
George Baker, labor racketeer, arrested ten days ago, when the police first began the present round-up of hoodlums and suspects was arrested again early today. Police said he endeavored to evade arrest but was caught after they fired several shots at him, [sic: missing text] set about the task of selecting a committee of 2 business leader to administer the million dollar fund being raised to finance the combat against crime. The committee was empowered to employ special prosecutors, special investigators and undercover agents and any other deemed necessary. Col. Randolph, president of the Chicago Association of Commerce, said within six months Chicago would be rid of criminals.

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