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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Minute Men Raising Money;
Doesn't Deny Stealing Hay

Date: February 23 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Section 2, Page 1, Column 5; Page 10, Column 4

================ Page 1, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 22 (AP) The Four Minute Men who sold nearly $750,000,000 worth of Liberty Bonds during the war, heard the call to action again today, this time to raise money not for a nation but for a city. Through this Liberty Loan organization the Silas H. Strawn citizens committee expects to raise $74,000,000 to keep the local governments running.
Nearly twelve million dollars is needed immediately to pay the overdue salaries of 43,800 public employees. In two days only half this sum has been subscribed.
The S O S to the Four Minute Men was set out late yesterday by Strawn when it appeared evident that monies he had hoped to obtain were not promptly forthcoming. He prevailed upon Philip R. Clarke, president of the Central Trust Company of Illinois, to organize the Four Minute Men for a drive in the manner so successful in the sale of Liberty Bonds.
Clarke at once began selecting chairmen for the 25 committees, one to each trade, and called them together today. Despite the holiday, he expected to have the drive started by nightfall.

================ Page 10, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 22 (AP) Roy Toeke doesnt deny stealing five tons of hay yesterday.
He had a date with his girl who lives quite a piece across town. Unfortunately, Toeke had no horse. Had he had a horse he explained, he would have ridden it and would not have needed to take the hay.
Just as he was debating how he was going to get to see his girl, Toeke observed a truck loaded with hay.
Hey! Hey! he said, jubilantly, driving away with the truck. You wouldnt expect a man with a date to unload five tons of hay, would you?
I fear, said the turnkey, locking the cell door behind Toeke, you have reached the hey-hey of your career.

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