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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Chicago Employees Ask About Payday;
Says War Is To Come;
150 Unemployed Are Sequestered in Hall

Date: February 26 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Col 7; Page 3, Col 4; Page 9, Col 2

================ Page 1, Column 7 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 26 (AP) – Chicago’s 42,000 empty-pocketed employees today asked if Saturday would be just Saturday – or payday.
With an estimated $37,000,000 pledged as the collectors of the rescue fund swung into another day’s canvas, hope was held that the city, county and school board could issue paychecks by the end of the week.
Thirteen more millions are needed before the payoff can be made. Phillip R. Clarke, chairman of the collectors and Silas H. Strawn, head of the relief committee, have pointed out that payment cannot begin until $50,000,000 is pledged toward the $74,000,000 estimated as necessary for operation until tax collections delayed by the reassessment, being trickling in around July 1.
Banks in New York and Detroit asked yesterday if they could participate in the warrant buying, Clarke said, “but we refused them the permission to do so as we are determined to show that Chicago can re-establish her own municipal credit without outside assistance.”
Some keen disappointments have been met by Clarke’s collectors, a big one being when the $10,000,000 originally promised by the Loop Building managers association dwindled to $100,000.

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
Wounded Gangster, Inventor of “The Ride” Says Retribution
CHICAGO, Feb. 26 (AP) – The wounded Frank McErlane, “The Tough One,” lay today with three bullet wounds in his body and sounded the tocsin of a new gang war.
From his sick bed at the home of his mother where he was removed last night – police having no charge on which to hold him – McErlane said.
“The war is on and it won’t be any popgun war.”
McErlane, credited with having conceived the death strategy known as “the ride,” is recovering from an attempt upon his life. The attack was made Monday night at the German Evangelical Deaconess hospital where McErlane, under an alias, was being treated for a bullet wound which he claimed was accidentally inflicted. His assailants stood at the door of the hospital room, emptied their pistols and fled when McErlane replied with shots from a pistol he had concealed under his pillow.
Efforts of police to keep McErlane in custody failed when the state’s attorney said there was no evidence on which he could be held. All he had done was to defend himself against attack police were advised.
Detectives are looking for Joe Saltis – McErlane’s former partner in the beer business – Danny McFall, Eddie and George Kaufmann, and Danny Stanton, all with reputations in South Side beer wars on the past.

================ Page 9, Column 2 =================
CHICAGO, Feb. 26 (AP) – The police today sequestered more than 150 unemployed in a hall to prevent a renewal of last week’s march on the city hall. After some confusion in which certain radicals in the hall were beaten down by the police, Deputy Commissioner Stege decided to let the meeting proceed, all to be arrested later.
When Deputy Commissioner Stege entered the hall, a speaker, Nels Kjar, declared:
“We’re safe now with all these policemen around.”
“Any more cracks like that and you’ll all go out,” replied Stege.
A man leaped up in the audience, “Kill the cops!” he cried advancing toward Stege.
Stege struck the man a smashing blow in the jaw, picked him up bodily and threw him out of the hall.

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