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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Alice White and Fiance;
Wounded Patient Is Robber;
Authority To Be Tested;
Dry Agent Shot;
Shubert To Negotiate Merger;
Death May Prevent Justice

Date: March 9 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Pages 1, 2, & 10

================ Page 1, Column 2 =================
Associated Press Photo with the following caption: Alice White, film flapper, and her fiancée, Sydney Bartlett, as they arrived in Chicago to visit her prospective mother-in-law.

================ Page 1, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, March 8 (AP) – James Riley, lying probably mortally wounded in the Bridewell hospital, was identified today as Richard McNeese, wanted for the robbery of an Oakland, Ky., bank and the murder of J. Robert Kirby. The identification was made by R. E. Beard of Smith’s Grove, Ky., and James K. Kirby of Gallatin, Tenn., who arrived today to view the suspect.

================ Page 2, Column 6 =================
John L. Lewis, United State Workers Head, To Convene Labor Leaders
Associated Press Staff Writer
CHICAGO, March 8 (AP) – John L. Lewis, bulky beetle-browed head of the United States Workers, faces on March 10 another test of authority, the latest of several during the tumultuous decade of his presidency.
On that day he will convene at Indianapolis an international convention to pass upon acceptance of a challenge by officials of the Illinois district largest division of the decimated ranks of Union soft coal workers.
At the same time officials of Illinois, Ohio, Kansas and Pennsylvania will call to order in Springfield, Illinois, a reorganization convention. They contend the mine union constitution expired last year and Lewis is without authority.
Opposition from within the Union is not a new situation with the somber, serious Lewis, who resembles Senator Borah.
Last summer Lewis questioned the integrity of Harry Fishwick, president of the Illinois miners and other state leaders. After an investigation he revoked their charter, set up a provisional district and undertook to obtain control of district records and offices.
When President Harding in 1921 reminded the miners’ president that the industrial readjustment of that period demanded that all workers take a wage cut. Lewis disagreed and uttered the slogan of “no backward step” which the miners sounded during the next five years.
Alexander Howat, of Kansas, disputed Lewis’ authority and soon found himself on the outside. Frank Parrington, suave and diplomatic Illinois spokesman, also met defeat when he tested Lewis’ power, and John Brophy, nervous little leader in Pennsylvania met a similar fate.
Through all the difficulties of the first six years of his tenure as president, Lewis emerged with a solid central competitive field behind him. But when the shutdown of 1927 came, the operators of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Western Pennsylvania – the central competitive field, refused to negotiate as a unit. From that stand they did not waver and Lewis saw his force of active miners dwindle.
Lewis, now in his fifty first year, became a union miner in 1908. He later was an organizer and in 1927 [sic?] was elected as vice president.

================ Page 10, Column 3 =================
Dry Agent Shot
CHICAGO, March 8 (AP) – John F. Loeffler, a federal prohibition agent, was shot and wounded seriously today by one of four men arrested in a raid on a south side restaurant.
His assailant, Charles Garcus, owner of the place was clubbed into submission by Loeffler’s two companions.
The three agents entered the restaurant to serve warrants on the four men obtained after an earlier purchase of liquor. Garcus asked permission to go upstairs for his overcoat. Loeffler accompanied him. In his room Garcus smuggled a revolver into his overcoat and fired at the government agent and ran down stairs.

================ Page 10, Column 5 =================
CHICAGO, March 8 (UP) – A $365,000,000 merger of Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and the Shubert Theatres is under discussion it was leaned today with the arrival of J. J. Shubert. The theatrical impresario is reported as ready to participate in the negotiations.

================ Page 10, Column 6 =================
CHICAGO, March 8 (AP) – Kentucky may never send James Riley to trial for the murder of J. Robert Kirby for the robbery of the Oakland, Ky., bank last December.
Death is expected by the authorities to prevent extradition of Riley who today was identified by R. E. Beard of Smith’s Grove, Ky., and James J. Kirby of Gallatin, Tenn., as Richard McNeese, one of the trio who robbed bank and latter participated in the gunfight in which Kirby was killed. The men, however, failed to identify Carl Hanson, 19, as the Ben Orville sought as one of McNeese’s companions.
The Kentuckians told how a trio of robbers entered the Oakland bank on the morning of December 26, seized a large loot and fled in an automobile pursued by village police and a citizen’s posse. Barricading themselves in a small park at one end of the town they engage in a fight with their pursuers and Kirby president of the Farmers Bank of the same village, was killed. Elmer Grayson, one of the bandits was captured and later sent to prison.
Extradition papers for the pair were being prepared today.

Submitted: 10/19/10

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