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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Two More Prisoners Await Execution;
Commandants At Shoals Go To Capital;
Six Cases of Ginger Paralysis in AL;
Had Requisition Papers;
Wilkinson's Case To Come Up Wednesday;
State Loses Its Power Suit

Date: March 16 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Cols 4 & 5; Page 2, Col 4; Page 3, Col 7

================ Page 1, Column 4 =================
MONTGOMERY, March 15 (AP) – Sheriff Pat Byrne of Mobile county arrived here early today with Clyde Beach and Elijah Henry Taylor, both condemned slayers, who were placed in murderers row at Kilby prison to await execution.
Beach was convicted Thursday of the murder of W. F. Murphy, Mobile motorcycle officer, last October 18. He filed an appeal and no date has been set for this execution.
Taylor was sentenced to die for the murder of his wife.
The addition of the two today brought to a total three Mobile county prisoners awaiting electrocution at Kilby prison. Jack Jarvis, who was to have been electrocuted Friday for the murder of Claude D. Hurt, Citronelle banker in an attempted bank robbery, was given a reprieve until April 11 by Governor Bibb Graves.

================ Page 1, Column 5 =================
Hearings On Shoals Legislation Anticipated
Officers Are Expected To Elaborate on Statement Made by Rep. Janes
FLORENCE, March 15 (AP) – Summoning to Washington of the commandants of the government’s Muscle Shoals properties led to the belief here tonight that hearings on Shoals legislation would be started next week by the house military affairs committee.
Orders for their appearance in the capital were received from Major General Charles H. Bridges, adjutant general of the army by Captain H. D. W. Riley, engineering corps, commandant at Wilson Dam, and Major Anthony Poyet, ordnance corps, commandant at Nitrate Plant No. 2.
Major Poyet left the district tonight to reach Washington early Monday while Captain Riley, who was in Chattanooga, Tenn., on official business, also left that city.
It was believed here that the two officers will be asked by the military committee to describe the properties in their charge and to tell of the present condition and possibilities of the plants and furnish such information as might be desired.
Statements of the officers are expected to elaborate on the announcement by Chairman Frank James of the military committee made several ago following an inspection of the properties. That in less than thirty days they can be place in operation, manufacturing nitrates from the air.
O’Neal Calls Meeting
MONTGOMERY, March 15 (AP) –Edward A. O’Neal, president of the Alabama Farm Bureau, late today announced he had called a meeting of the board of directors of the organization here Tuesday, March 25 at which time he will explain his legislative activities in connection with Muscle Shoals.
The meeting will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the offices of the federation here. Letters have been mailed to each of the directors urging attendance.
“In order that I may make a full report to you regarding my legislative work in connection with Muscle Shoals,” Mr. O’Neal wrote, “our executive committee at my request has called a special meeting of the entire board of directors of the farm bureau federation in Montgomery March 25.”
Mr. O’Neal today said he would give a full report of his activities in connection with Muscle Shoals since he became a member of the board of directors of the American Farm bureau federation in 1924 and was made chairman of the legislative committee in 1926.
He is at present vice president and chairman of the committee.
Members of the executive committee of the state organization expected to attend Tuesday’s session are O’Neal, R. F. Croon, Evergreen; W. M. Hester, Russellville; L. M. Griffin, Moundville; J. L Edwards, Tyler; Dr. D. C. Braswell, Elba; J. H. Thompson, Cravies; E. S. Pace, Eastaboga; Allen Northington, Montgomery, and Mrs. L. W. Spratling, Waverly.

MONTGOMERY, March 15 (AP) – Six cases of paralysis similar to those reported in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma said to be caused from drinking Jamaica ginger were reported in Alabama today.
Dr. Douglas L. Cannon of the State Health Department reported a case in Washington county and the county health officer of Clarke county at Grove Hill reported five cases in that county.
The victims were all reported to be male adults and were experiencing paralysis of the lower limbs with some cases reported to have been both legs and arms affected.

================ Page 2, Column 4 =================
Investigated Arson Ring
GADSDEN, March 15 (AP) – State Fire Marshal D. M. Slaughter and assistant attorney General Luther Patrick, who were arrested today in New Albany, Ind., had recently completed an investigation of the fire last October which destroyed the Attalla Lumber company plant here with a loss estimated at $100,000.
Their investigation resulted in the indictment of Alfred B. Turley, the man whom they were seeking to return to Alabama when arrested. Others indicted with Turley were Claude A. Roberts, Clyde Roberts, Alson Roberts and Joe Merrielleo. All four were English, Ind., business men and were charged in the indictments with second degree arson.
Claude A. Roberts appeared here voluntarily, surrendered and posted $5,000 bond. The other two Roberts had been reported on their way her to make bond but have not put in their appearance.
The investigation was reported to have disclosed widespread operations in Alabama, Kentucky, and Indiana of the alleged arson ring.
Had Requisition Papers
MONTGOMERY, March 15 (AP) – State Fire Marshal D. M. Slaughter and Assistant Attorney General Luther Patrick, who were arrested in New Albany, Ind., today left her Wednesday night with requisition papers seeking their return to Alabama of Alfred B. Turley to face charges of arson.
Gov. Bibb Graves had said that he expected the men would find little trouble in gaining custody of Turley in view of the assistance Indiana authorities have given in investigating the alleged arson ring. Issuance of extradition papers by the governor of Indiana had been considered only a matter of form and no contest was expected.
The Alabama officials also had requisition papers for the return to Alabama of Clyde Roberts and Alson Roberts, all English, Ind., business men. Claude A. Roberts, another indicated by an Etowah county grand jury on charges of arson, had appeared and posted $5,000 bond.
The arson charges grew out of the fire last October which destroyed the Attalla lumber company plant at Gadsden.
A Jefferson county grand jury was expected to convene in a few days to conduct an investigation along the same lines.

MONTGOMERY, March 15 (AP) – Horace C. Wilkinson, assistant city attorney of Birmingham and prominent political figure, said today that his petition seeking to enjoin officials of Jefferson county from financing the count democratic primary in August will come up for hearing before the Supreme Court of Alabama next Wednesday.
The Supreme Court hearing will be on appeal from a decision of the Jefferson county circuit court which ruled adversely on Wilkinson’s contention that the state democratic executive committee exceeded its authority in establishing separate qualifications for candidates and voters in the primary. He sought to enjoin treasurer M. V. Henry of Jefferson county from defraying the primary expenses.
The state executive committee, meeting here December 16 voted to exclude from the primary as candidates all persons who failed to support democratic presidential electors in 1928. The ruling, however, did not apply to voters.

================ Page 3, Column 1 =================
Court of Claims has Sustained Government Demurrers to Ala. Litigation
MONTGOMERY, March 15 (AP) – The Attorney General’s department was advised today that the Federal Court of Claims had sustained government demurrers to the suit of the State of Alabama against the Federal government for collection of a tax on power generated by the government owned power plant at Mussel Shoals and sold to the Alabama Power Co.
Immediately upon receipt of the advices, Attorney General Charlie C. McCall designated Thomas E. Knight, Jr., former assistant attorney general to file an appeal with the United States Supreme Court. Knight said he would leave for Washington tomorrow to file the state’s appeal.

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