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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Arrest Awaits Capone
Watched in Vain for Capone

Date: March 18 1930

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 9, Column s 5 & 7

================ Page 9, Column 5 =================
Arrest Awaits Capone
CHICAGO, March 18 (INS) Immediate arrest awaits Capone here if he comes to Chicago, Deputy Commission John Stege announces. Capone will be picked up in accordance with the present drive on hoodlums, Stege said. Although theres no charge against Capone, we dont want him in town.

================ Page 9, Column 7 =================
Watched in Vain
CHICAGO, March 18 (AP) Chicago watched apparently in vain today for the home-coming of Scarface Al Capone, freed after ten months in a Pennsylvania prison on a charge of carrying a concealed weapons.
The Broadway Limited of the Pennsylvania Railroad arrived at 9:55 a.m. A squad of police patrolled the union station in search of Capone, but he was not aboard. It had been reported generally the gang chief was Chicago-bound on the train, but conductors and trainmen said he had at one time been aboard, and that he was not seen at suburban stations.
His return by airplane was regarded as extremely doubtful in view of the snow storm that prevailed over this region today.
Special details of detectives familiar with Capone and his allies watched the neighborhood of the Capone home at 7244 Prairie Ave., where the gangsters mother and sister live.
But Capone, as his friends expected, had slipped from view.
Three alleged Capone henchmen, Jone Montana, Ralph Comardo and Spino Amallo, were arrested by detectives for questioning as they left the home of the gang chief today.

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