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Contra Costa Gazette
Contra Costa Gazette
Contributed by deesar

Description: July 1873

Date: July 1873

Newspaper published in: Pacheco, Contra Costa Co., CA

The Contra Costa Gazette
Pacheco, Contra Costa County, CA
JULY 1873

**Saturday, 5 JULY 1873**

Michael A. DUFFY, who was shot by Thomas REDFERN a week ago last Saturday, lingered until last Friday evening, when he died at the county hospital from the effects of the shot wounds which shattered the head of the spinal column and the right shoulder and arm frightfully, besides inflicting other severe injuries. The remains were subjected to post mortem examination on Saturday, by Dr. HOLBROOK, upon whose testimony, and that of other witnesses, the jury of inquest held on Monday by Coroner HILLER, found that the death was caused by wounds of a gun shot charge, fired by Thomas REDFERN, for whose arrest to await the action of the Grand Jury, a warrant issued by the Coroner and placed in the hands of the Sheriff, who made the arrest on Tuesday morning. REDFERN had already been held, after examination by Justice FORD, to answer the charge of assault to do bodily injury; but the Coroner's warrant, since the death of DUFFY, and the verdict of the inquest is presumed to make a distinct new charge, on which he has been held for examination by Justice FORD, on bail of $4,000.


**Saturday, JULY 12, 1873**

MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's parents, near Pacheco, July 2d, by Rev. W.C. MERRITT; Rev. G.M. DEXTER of Oakland, to Miss Florence A. ASHLEY of Pacheco.

Mr. David WILLIAMS, an attendant at the foot of the Black Diamond Coal Company's, Mount Hope Slope, at Nortonville, was instantly killed on Tuesday last, by the descent of a loaded car that had broken, or became detached, from the rope by which it was being drawn up the slope. We are unable to give any particulars of the sad occurrence further than that the unfortunate man was literally crushed to pulp between the car and wall at the foot of the slope.

John PETROVICH, an Austrian by birth, about 30 years of age, while firing a salute on the 4th of July at Nortonville, had his hand blown off by the explosion of a giant powder cartridge held by him too long with the fuse lighted. The wrist was so seriously shattered by the explosion as to render an amputation of the arm a few above necessary. The operation was performed by Dr. HOLBROOK of Martinez, aided by Dr. PARKINSON of Antioch; and the patient, being a contributing member of the St. Mary's Hospital at San Francisco, was removed to that institution the same evening.

The San Francisco 'Chronicle' of July 8th relates this incident:
A party of ladies and gentlemen started from this city on Sunday on board of a small vessel named the 'Rainbow' for a pleasure excursion on the bay. While tacking off Saucelito 2 of the party were swept overboard by the sudden swinging around of the jib-boon. In an instant al was excitement and commotion on board. One of the men caught a rope that was thrown to him and was hauled on board uninjured. The other, MATTHEWS, was struck on the head and rendered insensible. He sank beneath the waves immediately, and would inevitably have been drowned but for the prompt and courageous action of one of the crew - a seaman named Robert R. KING. The brave fellow, seeing the danger, leaped into the water with all his clothes on. He dived after the sinking body, and, after a few seconds of painful suspense to all on board, during which MATTHEWS' daughter was overcome with grief and fear and fell fainting to the deck, reappeared on the surface with the unconscious man in his arms. A rope was thrown him and he was pulled on deck with the burden in his grasp. The latter soon returned to consciousness. The meeting between him and his daughter was an affecting one.

A few days since a man named Robert DONNEL, who had been a short time employed in harvesting work on the HAWKINS ranch near Vacaville, in Solano county, and had exhibited the propensities and manners of a bullying, quarrelsome desperado towards his fellow laborers, drew his revolver and shot at one of them upon a pretext of offense. The shot missed the one aimed at and killed a young man named McCARTY, standing in a header wagon at some distance. He then fired 3 times at the one 1st aimed at, but only the caps exploded each time. After his arrest he manifested the most callous indifference, merely asking with reference to the man he had killed, "Who was that young fellow?" and when told, saying, "Dead, is he?" while eating the dinner given him by the officer in whose charge he was, with evident relish and appetite.


**Saturday, 19 JULY 1873**

BORN - In Pacheco, July 6, to Mr.&Mrs. Nicholas CARBONE, a daughter.

BORN - Near Bay Point, July 12th, to Mr.&Mrs. Peter McRAVY, a son.

A man of medium build, 5 feet 6 inches high, black hair, slightly gray, dressed with grey vest and pants, black beaver coat, black hat, brown and white checked overshirt and laced shoes, who had been seen alive in that vicinity in the morning, and again about noon, was found dead in Moraga Valley, about half a mile west of the store, about half past 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon. When seen in the morning by Mr. G.W. WILLIAMS, he was told by the deceased that he lived on Brannan street, San Francisco. The body was removed by Justice SLITZ to Walnut Creek Thursday night, and the inquest held on Friday morning, the jury finding that the deceased, name unknown, was probably a native of Ireland, 35 or 40 years of age, cause of death, as by examination of Dr. HERTEL, apoplexy, superinduced by excessive drinking.

As a result of carrying a joke too far, David KELSEY, employed in feeding Majors & Dohrman's thresher at Norris' Ranch, got a savage sheath knife thrust in the arm last Wednesday noon, and narrowly escaped getting it in the vital part of the body. The wound was inflicted by one RODERIQUE, a Portuguese, employed with the machine, and who, in the way of fun had been considerably "run on" by some of the other hands. The particular provocation in this instance was, finding his hat marked with stencil letters when he came out from dinner. In an angry dispute which ensued, KELSEY grasped him by the throat, on which he drew the knife and inflicted the wound in the arm, which might otherwise have reached a more vital part of his adversary. RODERIQUE was arrested, and held by Justice SLITZ, to answer to the Grand Jury, on bail of $500, in default of which he was committed to jail.

[heading cut off - Court]
-Peter F. ROBIN, on forswearing allegiance to the Republic, Empire or Kingdom, as may be of France and all other foreign powers and potentates, was admitted to citizenship.
-Mary A. BURNES vs. R.E. BURNES, for divorce - referred to court commissioner
-Charles KILDOE, a subject of Great Britain was admitted to citizenship

It is currently reported that Billy TEHAN, formerly a substantial farmer of this county, but for some years past a resident of the Livermore Valley, was badly cut in a recent affray at Dublin; but we have been unable to learn any particulars.

The Lake county 'Bee' of July 12th has the annexed:
4th of July morning Miss Mollie ALLEN, daughter of our County Assessor, who resides at Lower Lake, got permission from her father to amuse herself by firing at a target. So she got ALLEN's small telescope rifle - which is but about 24 inches long - had a target put up for her at a distance of 80 yards, and commenced her 1st regular practice. The bull's eye was a piece of white card about the size of a silver dollar. Miss ALLEN fired 10 consecutive shots, every one of which struck the bull's eye. As measured by Charley SLOTTERBEK, the shots made a 5 inch string. This is remarkable shooting for a young girl of 12 years of age, who has had very little practice.


**Saturday, 26 JULY 1873**

BORN - In Somersville, July 1st, to Mr.&Mrs. Ferdinand GAMBS, a daughter.

MARRIED - In Concord, July 23d, by Rev. Father VICENTE; Mr. John GALINDO and Miss Marino AMADOR.

DIED - In New York Valley, July 24th, Theron WIGHT, father of Randolph H. and Charles N. WIGHT, a native of Massachusetts, aged 79 years.

I have never contracted an debts that I have not earned the money and paid, and I have always clothed myself and partly clothed my children by my work. I did not leave my home, but was driven away from what I worked as hard for as Mr. BACON has.
Concord, July 25th, 1853 [sic, 1873?]

-Mary A. BOURNES vs. Richard E. BOURNES, for divorce - heretofore referred to Court Commissioner whose report was submitted to the court and taken under advisement
-Peter J. RAPP was admitted to citizenship

One Jose ROMERO, a Mexican half-breed who had been considerably chopped up in a drunken broil with another Indian Sunday night, was brought to the County Hospital last Monday morning from the Willow Spring neighborhood, on the San Pablo Creek. One of the wounds is in the side, where the knife would have penetrated the vital organs, had it not been arrested by the ribs, another is clear through one hand; and a 3rd is an ugly slash of the jaw which just missed the main artery of the neck. The wounds were properly attended to by Dr. HOLBROOK, the county physician, and no fatal consequences are apprehended from them.

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