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Sonoma County Journal
Sonoma County Journal
Contributed by Jeanne_Taylor

Description: Weekly Publication

Date: July 1859

Newspaper published in: Petaluma

July 1, 1859 issue:

Friday morning, the dwelling house of Dr. T.A. HYLTON of Petaluma, was destroyed by fire. The Doctor and his family barely escaped with their lives. Loss was about $2000.

Charlie PLUMMER, foreman of the Petaluma Engine Co., has been presented, by some of the Bay Firemen, with a trumpet, as a token of their regard for the man.

John Albert, son of Mr. Redman PATTEN, was poisoned a few days ago, and died from the effects of eating the phosphorated ends of lucifer matches. He lived 3 or 4 days. He ate the contents of one entire box.

July 8, 1859 issue:

An affray occurred in this city, at an Italian drinking saloon, near the east end of the bridge, last Saturday evening, during which an Irishman named Martin LYNCH, was seriously and quite probably, fatally shot, by a Frenchman named Louis DUTHEL. The difficulty originated in a game of cards.

A young man named David LESTER was shot and fatally wounded at Oakland last Sunday, by a Portuguese.

Born to Mr./Mrs. Alexander BEAN, Tomales, Jun. 27, 1859, son.

Born to Mr./Mrs. J.P. WHITAKER, Tomales, July 4, 1859, son.

July 15, 1859 issue:

An elegant watch and chain was presented to William RICHARDS, a driver on McLaughlin line of stages, by the merchants of Healdsburg. He never failed to "make time" on his route, he is a "youthful but brave" "whip", and his wan and sallow features and ghostly figure, evince but too truthfully the painful fact that his unwearied devotion to the interests of the public is "too much" for his delicate physique. The watch was manufactured in Healdsburg, of the shiniest xxx tin, is about 5" in diameter, and on one of the "covers" which conceals the "castings" is this inscription:
"Presented to William RICHARDS, stage driver, by the citizen's of Healdsburg, as a small token of their appreciation of his uniformly courteous attention to their interests." We will not attempt a description of the fob chain.

On the 5th inst., some fellow set fire to grass in the fields between the ranches of C.C. MILLER and John LAMB, in Vallejo. Fortunately it was discovered before it had progressed far.

Martin LYNCH, the man shot, in this city, on the 2d inst., and at the time supposed to have been fatally wounded by a Frenchman, named Louis DUTHEL, is now in a fair way of recovery.

Married at Petaluma, 9th inst., Charles B. COOLEY, Sacramento, to Mrs. C. DOBKINS, Petaluma.

July 22, 1859 issue:

Married at Sonoma, Jun. 23, 1859, William Morris DALLEY, San Francisco, to Kate RUSCHART, Sonoma.

Miss GOODYEAR, living with her sister, Mrs. WATERHOUSE, at the Watercure establishment, corner of 8th and J. Streets, Sacramento, committed suicide by hanging on Saturday morning.

George TYLER, committed suicide by swallowing strychnine, near the residence of V. JUARES, at Pacheco, on Tuesday.

July 29, 1859 issue:

William HARRIS, a boy of 16 years, was arrested last Tuesday, on a charge of horse stealing. He had but just arrived from BLACK'S Ranch, Marin Co., near which place he had been arrested by the citizen's for horse stealing, robbing of houses, etc. and been sentenced, a la Judge LYNCH, to a severe whipping; after the inflicting of which, the executioners had furnished him with the necessary means and received an assurance that he would leave this section of the State.

Teodosia PRUDON vs. Victor PRUDON, divorce granted.

A.J. SOULE vs. Patience SOULE, divorce.

The ship, 'Manitou', which left N.Y. for San Francisco, Oct. 25th and the 'Fanny S. Perley', which left N.Y., Dec. 6th, have beyond a doubt, gone to the bottom with their crews and passengers.

John KELLY, while crossing Main St. last Friday, was run over by a runaway horse and buggy and quite seriously injured, having his arm broken and the back of his head cut and bruised.

S.G. TAYLOR, died at Oroville, one day last week, from conjestive chill, brought on by drinking cold water and lying in a draught of air, after having taken a sulphur bath.

Married in Petaluma, 24th inst., Michael STUDDERT and Mary McLAUGHLIN.

Married at Sacramento, 19th inst., P.J. BROGAN to Anna S. TACKNEY.

Married at Sacramento, 19th inst., Chun Ah CHICK, China, to Toong Tsoy Soe SAN, Japan.


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