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Washington Herald
Washington Herald
Contributed by barbara-dave

Description: Burning Water Page 10

Date: November 14 1907

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C., USA

Washington Herald November 14, 1907 Burning Water Page 10

Inflammable Well in Los Angeles a New Phenomenon to Science.
Drillers for oil in the city limits, says a Los Angeles letter to the Seattle Times, have opened an astonishing “burn well,” from which flows a steady stream of inflammable water that puzzles scientists. The hole is 1,800 feet deep, but not a trace of oil can be found. The water is absolutely free from it, but can be lighted with a match and burns so fiercely that it is necessary to turn off the flow before the blaze can be extinguished. The flame is not a fitful flickering one, but a good red blaze, which burns without a sputtering.
Not only can the water be lighted at the mouth of the pipe from which it flows, but at any point in the ditch through which it runs. It is mineral in character and is noticeably warm. It smells strongly of sulphur. The casing of the well is seven and five-eighths inches in diameter and the pressure behind the water is so strong that it will flow over the top of a thirty-five-foot standpipe.
It is not a gas pressure, however, and no disturbance is perceptible as the water issues from the ground. It will eventually be valuable for heating and illumination purposes. It burns without smoke and the heat is so great at a distance of ten feet as to be decidedly uncomfortable, When the “burning water” was allowed to flow into a sewer inlet it caused the pipes to crack for several yards.

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