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The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Well What Do You Think of This? No Alimony

Date: January 11 1911

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 7, Column 6

Well What Do You Think of This? No Alimony
Mrs. Mary V. Hamlin, formerly known as “the belle of Chicago” has been granted a divorce by Supreme Court Justice Davis from Arthur B. Hamlin. No alimony was asked of him.
Mrs. Hamlin met her husband ten years ago when she was sixteen years old. She was then known as the “prettiest girl in Illinois.” He was only eighteen and an extremely fascinating fellow.
He has remained fascinating but not to her.
Shortly after their first meeting they were secretly married in a Chicago suburb.
After failing to find a position in Chicago, Hamlin decided to come to New York. When they arrived here he obtained a good position and everything went along swimmingly, said Mrs. Hamlin, until he suddenly disappeared.
After a long search she found him living in a flat, she says, with a widow and her daughter, on West Fifteenth street.
She forgave him, she says, and then he left home to travel. She got letters from him from Alaska, Europe and South America.
Then she learned new infidelities. She broke down and went to Florida. The divorce suit followed.

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