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St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Contributed by Gigimo


Date: January 18 1887

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

Last evening Mr. William GRIFFIN swore out warrants for the arrest of Henry WASH and Sam ASHBURY on a charge of maltreating his adopted son, John ROPER, aged 15 years. The indignities to which the boy claims they made him submit are unfit for publication, and if proven true the perpetrators should be punished to the full extent of the law. They will have an examination tomorrow.

Last evening a man named R. O. DUNN, who said his home was in Indianapolis, came to the police station with his head horribly battered and applied for lodgings. He explained his condition by saying that he had been assaulted on the levee in St. Louis by two men, and when he resisted their attempts to rob him they struck him on the head with blunt instruments until he was too weak to make any further resistance After they had fled he picked himself up and crossed over to this side on the ice in the hope that he might secure transportation to Indianapolis on a freight train.

The stockholders of the First Mutual Loan Association will meet Thursday evening at H. S. SEXTON's office for the election of three directors.

Mrs. TOMA, mother in law of Dr. C. T. STRECKER, died last night of typhoid pneumonia. The funeral will take place tomorrow to St. Peter's Cemetery.

Mr. M. F. TISSIER, who was selected by the local branch of the Catholic Knights of America to be its representative at the State convention of the society which is being held today in Springfield, Ill., left last night to be in attendance at the deliberations of that body.

Mrs. E. H. COOPER, who resided on the Island, died last night after a long illness.

The local branch of the C. K. of A. will meet tomorrow evening at the Herald office.

The City Council will meet tomorrow and matters of importance will come up for consideration.

The Robert Morris Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star will meet this evening.

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