St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: A Shocking Crime. The Son of a Wealthy Man Criminally Assaults a Little Girl.

Date: May 20 1887

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

Providence, R. I., May 20.

Particulars of a shocking outrage have come to light, despite the use of money and influence to hush them up. William HARRIS, the 15-year-old son of Hon. William A. HARRIS, is the accused party, and Gertrude SHAW, the 9-year-old daughter of poor Mr. SHAW, residing at Bristol, is the victim. The father of the boy is the patentee and manufacturer of the Harris-Corliss engine and is well-known in political circles, having served terms in the Legislature, and being a prominent candidate for the nomination for Governor at the last Republican convention. The HARRIS family were residing at the residence of ex-Gov. A. R. BROWN. The young scapegrace came across little Gertrude playing with some companions. He enticed her to a secluded spot. Her little playmates heard her shriek, but before they reached her the boy had overcome her and terribly abused her. There had been a terrible struggle, and the boy fled away with a broken arm. James H. SHAW, the father of the girl, was almost frantic and was with difficulty restrained from at once seeking out the boy and killing him. He was told that young HARRIS would be arrested. But he is still at large, and it is hinted that money has been used to keep the matter quiet, and $1,000 paid to the outraged parents.

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