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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Dr. Wasson Sympathizes with Col. N. M. Rowe

Date: February 26 1911

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: LIbrary

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 6

Editor The Daily Times;
Bear my tenderest condolence to noble, faithful Col. N. M. Rowe. His old trusty still throws out a regular blunderbuss shot at the clackers and pot-wallopers and falsitiers whose prostitution of the honor of the state is no surprise to me, or him. But, they are now enjoying the spoils. For two years they have longed for the flesh pots of Egypt, the garlick and the onions. They have their day. This tippling time voluptuous concupiscence with vice and crime is like the revels of Belshazzar. The finger on the wall will read the doom of the devotees of booze.
Uncle Charley Lewis, Jake Weiss, and their imps are getting ready for their final task.
Emmett ONeal, I will not dignify his office with a capitalis doing now, at least he is trying to do it, what he promised the distillers he would do when he attempted to make that maudlin speech at the famous Montgomery Convention. He is certainly keeping his promises to P. G. Bowman, the immaculate democrat, on whom there is no smell of populism or crime, and the Puritance and chaste Jesse Stallings, that Anheisuer Busch gargoyle among the democrats of Alabama. But one term will end him. A constitutional prohibition will end ONeal. His braggart boasts and vaporous pretensions spoken and written professing no purpose to repeal present and existing laws; no purpose to interfere with prohibition were false when he made them. His recent utterances and acts have unmasked the intended rape of the states virtue and honor. For one I am not surprised. I knew the man, I also knew the manner of men who pushed his claim. But, I wanted to send my sympathy to Brother Rowe, and my assurances of good will for him and the indomitable band of stalwarts in Madison county who were for prohibition two years ago, are for it now.
Let me just say this one more think. If possible, let that legislature pass before the blue bottle flies of spring come along, for the order of the things will provoke these flies, and well, I shall be sorry, even for the fly.
Clarendon, Texas, 2, 24, 1911

Submitted: 05/22/11

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