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Arizona Daily Star
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Description: Evidence Adduced at the Coroner's Jury

Date: August 28 1901

Newspaper published in: Tucson

Source: library

(From Yesterday’s Second Addition).

The evidence shows that the fatal shot was fired accidentally. An abstract of the testimony is: For some time past the chicken yard of Mr. Jossey had been infested with some animal that destroyed the poultry. The night before the death one of the hens had been killed by it, and when Mr. Jossey retired he placed his shot gun where he could easily get it in case of another visit from the marauding animal. About four in the morning he arose and went to the fence to see if he could get a shot at it, Mrs. Jossey being awake at the time. When she heard the shot she called to him: “Did you get it?” Not receiving any answer she called again and then heard him groan. Alarmed at the sound she called to Mr. Johnson, a young man who has a room at the house, to come quickly. He rose immediately and went into the yard and found Mr. Jossey lying on his back, his arms extended, and the gun at a distance of about eight feet. The wound and powder smoked showed that the weapon had been close to the body when it was discharged. Tracks made by the feet of the deceased showed that he had been standing on the ladder, presumably to look over the fence in search of the animal he sought to kill, and that in stepping down from the ladder the hammer of the gun had caught on one of the rungs or a board of the fence and discharged the weapon. This was a shot gun, too long for a man of the build of Mr. Jossey to reach the hammer when the muzzle of the weapon was placed against his side. The clothing was burned by the powder and the flesh blackened. The witnesses examined by the jury were O.C. Parker, Dr. Purcell, Mr. Johnson, W.H. Katzenstein, U.S. Marshal, William Griffith, and Judge Rouse.


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