St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: Wash MIDDLETON's Death. The Notorious Desperado Killed by an Officer in Arkansas.

Date: July 18 1888

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, Mo.

Springfield, Mo., July 18.

Probably the worst man that has ever inhabited Southwest Missouri of Northern Arkansas has ceased to trouble the natives. Wash MIDDLETON, the notorious scout, desperado, Bald-Knobber and late uplander, is dead, having died at the hands of J. L. HOLT, an officer whom he was resisting at Jasper, Ark. A reward of $600 was offered for MIDDLETON. The particulars are meagre - simply that HOLT ordered him to surrender, he refused, grabbed his revolver and was shot dead. The following is a brief history of MIDDLETON and his numerous crimes. MIDDLETON met Sam SNAPP at Kirbyville, October 16, 1886, and the two men quarreled about matters relating to the Bald Knobbers' organization in Taney County, over which there was considerable excitement at that time. MIDDLETON was a member of the gang, while SNAPP refused to have anything to do with them. One word led to another until finally MIDDLETON drew his revolver and shot his antagonist, SNAPP dying almost instantly. SNAPP's folks were Confederates during the rebellion, while MIDDLETON is said to have been a Union scout, operating along the border of Missouri and Arkansas and know as a very daring and desperate man. He is reported to have killed forty men while scouting along the border. Some time after the killing of SNAPP he returned to Missouri and gave bond for his appearance in court in October, 1887. He was convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary for forty years. This sentence was subsequently reduced to fifteen years, but he escaped all by breaking jail, aided by his son.

Gov. MARMADUKE offered a reward of $300 for his apprehension, the Sheriff of Taney County $100 while SNAPP's friends offered $200 additional. Assisted by friends he fled rapidly to the hills and mountains of Arkansas, where he had been hunted like a wild beast up to the time of his death. MIDDLETON was a small man, had sandy beard, a dull, sleepy look out of his eyes, was married and had grown children. He was a terror to the neighborhood in which he resided and many rejoice to hear of his death.

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