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Washington Times
Washington Times
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Description: Falls Church News [1 of 2] Section-3 Page 7

Date: August 9 1908

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

Washington Times August 9, 1908 Falls Church News [1 of 2] Section-3 Page 7

Falls Church

The Rev. J. W. Lyell and Wife Leave the Rev. W. S. O. Thomas Parsonage.

The Rev. J. W. LYELL and wife, of New Jersey, who have been the guests at the home of the Rev. W. S. O. THOMAS, left Falls Church Wednesday for their Northern home.
Edward THOMAS, of Falls Church. is on a visit to friends in Waynesboro, Va.
The Southern Methodist Sunday school went to Marshall Hall Thursday on their annual picnic.
Miss Florence BLACHBURN, of Falls Church, is on a visit to friends in Wilmington, Del.
E. C. HOUGH and Miss HOUGH are visiting relatives at Lowville, N. Y.
Among those who will attend the Potomac Association meeting, which convenes at Mt. Hope Baptist Church in Loudoun August 12, are the Rev. W. S. O. THOMAS, the Rev. T. W. T. NOLAND, E. G. QUACKENBUSH, W. S. HOGE, jr., W. T. PARROTT, F. H. CALDWELL, and J. S. PARROTT, all of Columbia Baptist Church.
Lincoln DEMBITZ, who has been summering at Mrs. Noble MOOREs on Great Falls street left Falls Church Friday for his city home.
Mrs. B. T. MOORE, who has been on an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. Edward RICKETT, of New York, visited Mrs. F. H. CALDWELL this week and left Thursday for her Birmingham, Ala., home.
H. C. EDDY entertained the Village Improvement Society at his home Monday night. H. A. FELLOWS, the president, called the meeting to order, and G. W. HAWXHURST, secretary, read the minutes of the July meeting. The next meeting will be at the home of G. W. HAWXHURST in September.
At the meeting of Pioneer Lodge of Good Templars, Tuesday evening, the following officers were installed: R. T. ROBERTS, chief templar; Mrs. M. M. ERWIN, vice templar; Mrs. J. B. CROSER, secretary; Mrs. G. V. SPARROW, treasurer; W. SPARROW, marshal; Mrs. N. THOMPSON, past chief templar; and Mrs. M. M. ERWIN, organist.
Dr. and Mrs. COBB have as their guests Mr. and Mrs. CHAMBERS, of Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. L. MERRIFIELD left this week for an extended trip through Maine. They will attend the wedding of Everett MERRIFIELD, who will return with them to their Falls Church home.
Ambrose MOORE, of New York, spent several days with his mother, Mrs. M. D. MOORE, on Maple avenue, this week.


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