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The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: Westbound Flyers Continue Their Journey;
Preacher-Flyer Leads Trans-Continental Air Derby

Date: October 9 1919

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 6; Page 2, Column 3

================ Page 1, Column 6 =================
By the Associated Press
Weather conditions around Chicago had sufficiently improved at noon to allow the westbound flyers to resume.
Eastbound flyers encountered better weather, and three pilots were enabled to leave Salt Lake City, Utah, early today for Green River, Wyoming, 135 miles distant and 755 miles from the starting point at San Francisco.
Lieutenant Melvin W. Maynard, the “flying parson,” led all the other aviators in the distance covered. He flew from Chicago to Rock Island, Ill., this morning and soon afterward was on his way to Des Moines, Iowa, 1,113 miles from his starting place. His total of elapsed time between Mineola and Rock Island was twenty-four hours and thirteen minutes, allowing for the difference of one hour in time.
Thirty of the forty-eight machines having here had arrived at Buffalo before noon today. A number of others were held up at Binghampton and at Rochester. Captain John Marquette, who landed near Williamsport, Pa., yesterday because of trouble with his compass, resumed his journey to Binghampton today.
Lieutenant D. B. Gish, who with Capt. De Lavergne, air attaché of the French embassy, was forced to descend at Canadice, N. Y., yesterday when his plane caught fire, announced that he was on his way back to Mineola to re-enter the contest in another machine. Neither of the men were injured.
At the local field it was reported that four machines, in addition to the one which left this morning, were expected to enter the contest before night.

================ Page 2, Column 3 =================
By the Associated Press
Chicago, Ill., Oct. 9 – First Lieutenant Belvin W. Maynard, leader in the 5,400 mile trans-continental airplane race, took the air from Ashburn field here at 7:00:12 o’clock this morning. He headed for Rock Island, Ill., 15 miles away.
Lieutenant Maynard, Baptist theological student at Wake Forest College, pilot in France during the war and winner of the recent New York-Toronto air race, smashed all previous records for a New York-Chicago flight yesterday. He also made the first flight between the two cities between dawn and sunset.
Carrying as a passenger Mechanician W. E. Kline, with a German police dog as a mascot, Lieut. Maynard drove his De Havilland “4” machine the eight hundred and thirteen miles from Mineola in 405 minutes of flying time. His elapsed time was 9 hours and 29 minutes.
“I’m tired,” Maynard said as his De Havilland plane settled down for the night’s stop. “We were sixth out, and it was a beautiful day for flying. That old Liberty motor batted out mile after mile without one complaint. It was a long, hard grind, but we are going to win this race.”
Lieut. Maynards’ home is at Mount Olive, N. C.

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