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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: The Precedent Smasher

Date: November 6 1919

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 1

Advertising is the largest single business in existence. Yet some small merchants try to do business without advertising. The man who has more business that he can do is usually the one who doesnt advertisethe advertiser prepares his business to take care of increased demands. Advertising is a precedent smasher and it has just recently smashed one in professional baseball.
Paul W. Kearney tells the story in Advertising and Selling. New Haven is a second division club in the Eastern League. It occupied seventy place at the time of which Mr. Kearney writes. It was drawing seventh place attendance. A New Haven grocer bought a controlling interest in the club, and it struck him that business methods could be applied to baseball. He began to print real advertisementsnot mere announcements of current gamesin the newspapers. Let him testify as to the results:
The beauty of the thing is simply that it brings returns. We accomplishing two extraordinary things: First, a seventh place ball team is pulling daily crowds just about four times as big as the team did four years agoand they won the pennant! Second, a team next to the cellar in the league is backed by a crowd of blood thirsty fans who show more spirit over their clubs fighting than the average crowd does over the teams winning.
Within two weeks after the first ads appeared the attendance increased 1000.
From which we draw the lesson not only that advertising breaks precedents, but that it is a good thing for a business that has got into a rut to pass into the hands of a man who has had experience with newspapers advertising ad knows what it can do.Cleburne Texas Review.

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