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St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: The Doctor Got the Cash. The Sad Experience of Mrs. MOWRY With a Pardon Broker.

Date: December 16 1888

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, Mo.

Page/Column: 6

Topeka, Kans., December 15.

Dr. U. B. HUGHES, for several years editor of the Alma News, one of the prominent newspapers of the State, was arrested today on the charge of embezzlement, the charge being preferred by Mrs. Rhoda MOWRY of Arkansas City, who claims that she was defrauded out of $5,000. The case grows out of the celebrated MOWRY murder, which occurred about one year ago at Arkansas City. Henry MOWRY, a prominent young druggist, the son of Mrs. MOWRY, who makes this complaint, became infatuated with a married woman in Arkansas City, and asked her to elope with him. This she refused to do and MOWRY became so enraged that he attempted to kill her by deliberately shooting through the window into the house in which she resided. The people in the neighborhood became very much excited and a crowd followed MOWRY. A mechanic named SMITH was at the head of the crowd, and was deliberately shot down by young MOWRY. He was convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced to be hanged, and is now a prisoner in the Penitentiary, where he will remain for life unless pardoned by the Governor. Mrs. MOWRY charges that in March last Dr. HUGHES, the defendant in this case, came to Arkansas City and represented to her that he had influence with State officials, and that if he was furnished enough money he could secure a pardon for her son. He told her that it would require $5,000 to fix the matter with certain officials. She hesitated about the matter, and told him whenever the pardon was secured she would pay the money afterwards. He wrote to her that it would be necessary to have the money in advance, and assured her that it would be only a question of a short time when the pardon would be secured. She was willing to do anything to liberate her son, and having faith in HUGHES she mortgaged her property for $5,000 and handed over that amount in cool cash to the doctor. She alleges that the doctor assured her he would have the pardon by a certain date, and so confident was she that he would fulfil his promise, that at the time set by Dr. HUGHES she came to Topeka and brought her son's clothing with her believing he would be here when she arrived. In all these transactions she was bound to secrecy by Dr. HUGHES. Finally she came to the conclusion that she had been imposed upon, and now claims that the whole scheme was one to defraud her. She alleges that Dr. HUGHES has done nothing towards securing a pardon for her son and that he still holds the money which she gave him.

On account of Dr. HUGHES' prominence in politics, having been editor of several newspapers, and postmaster at Arkansas City, his arrest has created very much of a sensation. He admits that he received the money from the woman, but claims that he has expended it in the manner directed by her.

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