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The Democrat Sentinel
The Democrat Sentinel
Contributed by Joyce_Fullen

Description: Senior Class Play

Date: May 15 1913

Newspaper published in: Logan

Source: Ohio Historical Society Microfilm

Page/Column: Front page



The senior class of the Logan High School will give Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" on Thursday, May 22 on the school grounds on the hill.  A large amphitheatre has been constructed and the electric lighting effects are being rapidly installed for this play of fancy.  The play is a dream within a dream; dream figures from songs of a past world.  Fairies, nymphs and strange people of the wood and glen abounds.

The admission is 25 cents and tickets can be obtained from pupils of the high school.  The proceeds will be used to complete payment on the piano purchase last year for the school.  Following is a list of the characters in the play.

Theseus, Duke of Athens; Bernard THURNESS
Egeus, Father to Hemia; Rollin HARRINGTON
Lysander and Demetrius in love with Hermia; Bert POLING and Joe RISLEY
Philostrate, Master of Revels to Theseus; Marguerite BEBOUT
Quince, a Carpenter; Ben TRITSCH
Snug, a Joiner; Ruth PLEUKHARP
Bottom, a Weaver; Albert SAVEY
Flute, a Bellows Mender; Joe V. JUDY
Snout, a Tinker; Stanley SPARNON
Starveling, a Tailor; Mary PRIMMER
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus; Irma HOLL
Hermia; Helena KIRKER
Helena; Ruth RUBLE
Oberon, King of Fairies; Julia KINSER
Titania, Queen of the Fairies; Bess WELTNER
Fairy; Margaret ROCHESTER
Punk, a Robin Good Fellow; Olivia WRIGHT
Peasblossoms; Grace SHRINER
Cobweb, MOth and Mustard Seed, Fairy Attendants; Florence BORT, Elsie MARTIN and Frieda KLEINSCHMIDT
Attendants on Theseus and Hippolyta; Hazel ARMSTRONG, Geraldine RUBLE, Ruby LYMAN, Florence MATHIAS
Nymphs; Fanny BORT and Olive KREIG
Page; Raymond HENGST

On Friday evening, May 23 the commencement exercises will be held in the High School auditorium when a big class will be graduated.  The admission to the exercises will be 10c and tickets can be obtained at the door.

Submitted: 04/09/05

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