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Description: Railroad News

Date: May 15 1913

Newspaper published in: Logan

Source: Ohio Historical Society Microfilm

Page/Column: Front page



Mr. Mike KRAUS went to Toledo, Monday to spend a week.

Mr. W.M. CLARK, has accepted a position at the H.V. shops.

Mr. Elza TOLBERT, machinist, layed off, Monday on account of sickness.

Mr. J.E. DAVIS  of Columbus, was a business visitor at the shops, Wednesday.

Mr.  Clyde McCARNEY of Cleveland, accepted a position at the shops, Monday.

Mr. Clem WOODRUFF started to work at the shops Tuesday morning as car carpenter.

Mr. W.R. SANDERS of Garret, Ind., was put on light repair work at the H.V. shops, Tuesday.

Mr. Hubert LEACH, time-keeper, was off duty Tuesday on account of sickness.

Messrs. Wm. GRUNER and Jesse WOODS, laborers were promoted to light repairmen, Monday morning.

The pay car visited the shops, Tuesday.  Conductor SCANLAN and Engineer Guerney WELLER were in charge.

A car was derailed at Old Town, Monday, by the burning of a journal.  The local wreck crew was called to the scene and replaced the car.

Mr. Jack SPENCE reported for work, Tuesday, after five weeks absence on account of injuries received while operating the interstate.

Mr. Chris MAUK spent Saturday in Columbus and took in the moving, talking pictures at Keith's theater.  He reports them very wonderful.

The interstate, with Mr. Hiram LANNING as operator was in the Columbus yards last week, working at the coal dock.  It was brought back to Logan, Monday.

Mr. Merrill RICKETTS, mill and yard clerk was called to Southern Indiana Tuesday by the death of an aunt.  Mr. Dan CONNORS is checking the yard in the absence of Mr. RICKETTS.

The wreck crew was called to Wellston, Friday evening to pick up engine No. 202 which was derailed on account of a broken wheel.  Engineer WESTENHAVER was in charge.

Mr. M.S. CONNORS, general manager of the H.V. railway, passed down the valley on a tour of inspection in his private car, Wednesday, and stopped off at the shops for a short stay.

A fire hydrant on the high pressure water line in the round house, bursted a cap, Sunday, causing a great deal of inconvenience.  Temporary repairs were made the same day and on Tuesday the line was put in good working order.

Passenger coach No. 54 of the Wellston-Jackson run, in charge of Conductor Frank McBRIDE, wile backing out of the yards on the regular run Wednesday morning, was side swiped by a coal car.  It was taken to Columbus, Wednesday noon for repairs.

Mr. Willis ALLEN, H.V. dispatcher at Logan, has resigned his position here and accepted a similar one at Haydenville, where he will move his family.  Haydenville is the birthplace of Mr. ALLEN and he filled the position of dispatcher there several years ago.

Messrs. T.D. CONKLE, Butler BADGELY, James CREMEAN, Frank FOREST, Reed CAVENDISH, Charles CAVENDISH, Bert  HUMPHREY, Bert FUNK, George LEADBETTER, C. CARSON, Peter WITT and A.Y. ROBERTS, car carpenters, who are employed in Columbus, spent Sunday at their homes in Logan.

Messers. M.A. KINNEY, superintendent of motive power, J.F. PIXLEY, storekeeper, H.C. CRIETH, lumberman, J.R. MUELLER, purchasing agent for the Hocking Valley, all of Columbus and Mr. Vandegrift of the Vandegrift Lumber Company of Marion, motored to Logan, Tuesday and made a pleasant call at the shops.

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