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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: H. V. Middleton; Burgess Brothers;
Recorder's Court-Judge Earl Ford on Bench;
Fred Howe Jewelery; Society News;
Mrs. Wall Hostess; Mrs. Lytle Hostess;
Ms. Cunningham Accepts Job;
Lyric Theatre; Equity Court-Jenkins;
Probate Court-Robertson

Date: December 11 1919

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Pages 4-6

================ Page 4, Column 1 =================
The Mover
I am back on the job and am equipped to move houses or any other heavy work. You can fine me at TuLane Hotel on Washington St., or telephone 9101.

Large Ad for the Hanson Six
The Pride of The South
B. J. BURGESS, Sales Manager
J. R. BURGESS, President

================ Page 4, Column 6 =================
The Judge was delighted with the light docket this morning, and the reporter imagined he was thinking that the cold weather might have had a little something to do with freezing up the activities of criminal intentions, and there may be something in that idea.
Only two light cases of violating eh traffic lawHollis Lance and Robert Elliswho did not think enough of their cases to appear in the court, and hence forfeited their cash bonds.
Judge Ford, by the way, is a great admirer of the beautiful, not only in art, but in the architecture of public buildings, and some of these mornings when the docket is so light, the reporter rather suspects, he may deliver himself of a brief dissertation on this subject, and if he does, The Daily Times will be glad to give the public the benefit of what he says.

================ Page 5, Column 1 =================
Broken BlossomsD. W. Griffith Special. Griffths latest and best work. Also Fox News. Admission 10 and 30 cents.

J. R. DUVALL, Cotton Broker
John F. Clarke and Co., Private Wire
Phone 144 No. 7 Bank Row, West Side Square

Huntsville, Ala.
Office upstairs in Huchens Building
Opposite McGee Hotel

Buy Xmas Gifts From Us
Beautiful Goods, Low Prices, Large Assortment
Founded 1861 Huntsville, Ala.

================ Page 5, Column 3 =================
Mrs. Heyman Wall has issued invitations for a Friday morning bridge party, complimentary to Mesdames E. V. Caldwell and Walter Wellman, two of our recent brides, at the handsome home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawson White, on McClung Street.

================ Page 5, Column 4 =================
Yesterday afternoon, at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawson White, on McClung Street, Mrs. Heyman Wall entertained in honor of Mesdames Shelby White, Gilbert White, and Mrs. Carrie Law.
This handsome home has been decorated for many enjoyable gatherings, but it has never been prettier than it was on this most pleasant occasion. Chrysanthemums, ferns, palms, potted plants, and cut flowers were in profusion throughout the house. Some one hundred and seventy guests called in the course of the afternoon.
Mrs. Wall was becomingly gowned in a lovely blue Georgette dress, with gold trimmings. Mrs. Lawson Wall was lovely in a lavender Georgette hand-embroidered in gold. Mrs. Carrie Law was dressed in brown and tan Georgette. Mrs. Shelby White was handsomely gowned in blue mousveline.
Dainty sandwiches and an ice cream course was served by the following young women: Mesdames J. J. Bradley, Jr., W. L. Lyle, George Cooper, Walter Wellman, Jessie Young, Willard Hutchens, Day Humphrey, Willis Harris, Vernon Hutchens, and William L. Wall, Jr.
This was one of the prettiest parties of the season, and Mrs. Edith Wall and mother, Mrs. Lawson White, in their usual charming, sweet way, made the guests regret the time for them to leave for their respective homes.
* * *
Mrs. R. L. Lytle beautifully entertained the Tuesday Morning Club at her handsome home on Franklin Street.
The reception hall, parlors and dining room was artistically decorated with ferns and cut flowers.
This was, indeed, a most enjoyable affair. Miss Sallie Mastin captured the Club prize, and a very tempting luncheon was served after the games. Dainty sandwiches and an ice [sic: missing text].

================ Page 5, Column 5 =================
The already popular Columbia Graphonola Department of Masons Furniture Store has added to its popularity by the selection and election of Mrs. Estelle Cunningham to the management of the branch of Mason service. The Columbia graphphone is popular in thousands of our homes and with the clever management of Mrs. Cunningham now in charge it is proposed to make the use and enjoyment of the Columbia universal in every home if possible. Mrs. Cunningham has a very winning disposition and will devote her entire time and attention to the development of her department where she will be pleased to have you call and hear the latest records.
* * *
The many friends of the family will rejoice to know that Mrs. H. C. Pollard, who has been seriously ill for several weeks, is better this morning. __ had a more comfortable day yesterday, and rested better last night than for some Time. All will hope that this good lady will soon be entirely well.
* * *
Miss Louise Darwin, of Huntsville was in Birmingham last week, where she acted as maid of honor for the University of Alabama cross country track team.Birmingham Ledger.
The Daily Times takes special pleasure in saying that Miss Darwin is a young lady of the finest character and one of the loveliest daughters that has ever blessed a home, who carries sunshine wherever she goes, and whose gracious smile never shows a cloudy day. She will go east after the holidays to enter one of the leading colleges of expression and reading, in which she possesses decided talent, and whose future has a brilliant promise.
* * *
Mrs. H. C. Pollard who has been quite ill for the past few days is reported as being some better today.
* * *
Miss Mary Hutchens has returned from a several months visit with Mrs. J. M. Frost in Texas, and also a visit in Birmingham.
* * *
Mrs. Herbert Kelly and handsome children have been the guests of Mrs. Kellys parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Orgain, for several days this week.
* * *
Captain Dan Turner returned yesterday after an extended visit with his daughter< Mrs. Lucy Copeland, of Birmingham.
* * *
Mrs. J. C. Jones, of Hartselle, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Robert Wade of McMinnville.
* * *
Mrs. Georgia Pully is reported to be resting much better today, to the delight of her hosts of friends.

================ Page 5, Column 6 =================
Thursday and Friday, Dec. 11 and 12
THE HUSHED HOURA motion picture version of a story different from anything you have ever seen. Every father, mother, son and daughter should see this picture. Blanch Sweet and a great supporting cast.

================ Page 5, Column 7 =================
Ad for Dickerson & Fowler

================ Page 6, Column 1 =================
Dealers in and Makers of
All kinds of Harness and Strap Goods, Collars, Lap Robes, Lap Dusters, Horse Blankets, Collar Pads, Whips, Saddles, andin fact Everything for Horse.
Harness, Saddle and Collar Repairing while you wait
Two Stores: Huntsville and Albany, Ala.
Our buying power saves you money. To prove this call on us.

Another load of young and fat turkeys. Phone and we will deliver promptly. Price 33 cents
A. N. MILLER, Grocer

I have for sale on cash or credit fifty of the best mules every brought to Madison County. See me and Ill make the terms to Suit you.
These mules are right from the famous Lem Motlow Barns at Lynchburg, Tenn., and can be seen at Martin Phillips Barn at the intersection of Meridian and Washington streets. Money cant buy better mules than these.
Wm. M. Jordan.

================ Page 6, Column 6 =================
Circuit CourtIn Equity
No. 868.
Laylon W. Jenkins, Complainant
Emma Jenkins, Defendant
In this cause it is made to appear to the Register by the affidavit of Chas. T. Grimmett that the residence of the Defendant, Emma Jenkins, is unknown, and further that in the belief of affiant the Defendant is over the age of twenty-one years.
It is therefore ordered by the Register that publication be made in the Huntsville Times, a newspaper published in Madison County, Ala., once a week for four consecutive weeks, requiring the said Emma Jenkins to answer, plead or demur to the bill of complaint in the above cause, within thirty days after the 19th day of December, 1919, and failing so to do a Decree Pro Confesso will be taken against him.
Done this 26th day of November, 1919.
F. S. CABANISS, Register Circuit Court

State of Alabama, Madison County,--Probate Court
To G. W. Robertson, residing Deerbrook, Miss., Anna P. Robertson, residing Stanton, Va.; Rebecca Harrison, residing Memphis, Tenn.
You are hereby notified that on the 3rd day of November, 1919, a certain paper in writing, purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Mary N. Robertson, was filed in my office for probate by Susan I. Robertson and that the 31st day of December, 1919, was appointed a day for the hearing thereof at which time you can appear and contest the same if you see proper.
Given under my hand this 3rd day of December, 1919.
Thos. W. Jones, Judge of Probate.
December 4-3tw.

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