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The Huntsville Daily Times
The Huntsville Daily Times
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Description: No Banquet at Hotel Twicknham; "Hoopla" Plays To Crowds;
Kiwanians Elect Officers; Fred Howe Jewelry;
Citizens For Good Roads; Recorder's Court;
$50 in Prizes; Berry's Successful Sales
C. T. Geron ; Trains Aunnulled;
New Director

Date: December 14 1919

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Pages 1-4

================ Page 1, Column 2 =================
The management of The Daily Times is sorely disappointed that it is having to postpone its annual banquet in honor of its local advertising patrons because the Hotel Twickenham is unable to furnish the necessary service due to a shortage of labor and other conditions beyond its control. G. Jacekel, proprietor of the Hotel Twickenham shares in the regret because he had hoped to do so up to this time. Our annual banquets have been sources of mutual pleasure and just as soon as the hotel is in shape to render service outside of its regular run of business, the occasion will come off in regular Daily Times style.
Cordially yours,
J. E. Pierce, Ed. & G. M.

================ Page 1, Column 3 =================
Amateur Play for Benefit of Memorial Hospital Develops Several Brilliant Stars--Everybody Had a Good Time
Hoop-La the clever minstrel put on her under the auspices of the local Rotarians for the benefit of the $100,000 Memorial Hospital was a success. It played to two packed houses at the Elks theatre on Friday and Saturday evenings, Capt. W. I. Wellman being in charge under the direction of F. W. Steele of the J. B. Rogers Producing Co. Long before the curtain rose at both performances the theatre was crowded and indications pointed to a repeat order for Monday evening.
The amateurs were all good, clever to the limit and in fact several brilliant stars were developed in the play, among them being Miss Marie Sarah Kimbrough, and Miss Macon Webster while all of the other girls played their parts exceptionally well and received the continuous applause from the audience.
Mrs. Beulah Neece Ware gracefully presided at the piano and from the start to the finish more than two hours and a half of wholesome laughter and fun were enjoyed.
Mayor Chase and Scoop Aiken made a popular hit in the wedding part, the fact developing that the painted lady was at her best in disguise.
Clever in handling the end men parts and also singing were Jos. J. Bradley Sr. and Bob Chase, while Roy Lyle, Bill Hutton and the other boys left nothing undone to make the evenings the best ever spent in the Elks theatre.
Ed Grosser, John Cooney, Frank Ford, Will Dilworth, A. M. Booth and every other member of the company made 100 per cent scores.
In the side show attractions Jim Pride was clever as a spiriter.
Mr. Barrow and Miss Kimbrough as King Poo Poo and Queen Ma Golly Gosh were quite clever and received several encores.
The Id Love You Too girls were particularly pretty and taking the show as a whole the audience appreciated it as an old time minstrel full of the new songs, jokes and hits of every nature.
The entire program was well rendered and was as follows:
Frank H. Ford, general chairman.
TalentW. R. Hutton, chairman, R.C. Johnston, F. H. Ford.
TicketsP. O. Aiken
ProgramLeo Cohen, chairman, P. O. Aiken.
PublicityD. C. Barrow.
PropertiesJoseph J. Bradley Sr.
PianistMrs. Frank Ware.
Musical Numbers
1. Opening chorus . . . . . . Ensemble
2. Oh, the Woman up in Room 13.
Jawbone and Chorus
(Waterson, Berlin & Snyder)
3. Every Tear is a Smile . . J. P. Cooney
(Von Tilzer)
4. Oh, What a Pal was Mary,
F. H. Ford and Chorus
(Waterson, Berlin & Snyder)
5. Oh, How She Can Sing, . . . Houndhead
(Von Tilzer)
6. High Brown Babies Ball,
Poo Poo and Ma Golly Gosh
(Leo Feist, Inc.)
7. Alcoholic Blues, . Shinbone and Chorus
(Broadway Music Co.)
8. Dear Little Boy of Mine, E. H. Grosser
(M. Whitmark & Sons)
9. FinaleDown in Borneo Isle
Ma Golly Gosh, Wild Women and Company
Intermission 10 minutes
Part One
Aboard the good ship Hoop La
(A few minutes with the wild ones)
Captain Crockett . . . . . . . . . . . W. I. Wellman
King Poo Poo, a cannibal chieftain . . D. C. Barrow
Queen Ma Golly Gosh . . . Miss Sarah M. Kimbrough
Black-Axe, the kings counselor . . . W. L. Lyle
Weakchin, the kings counselor . . . . J. T. McGregor
Houndhead Henry, the kings counselor. J. J. Bradley Jr.
Shinbone Sam, the kings counselor . . R. C. Chase
Bill Jawbone, a Hoodoo artist. . . . . J. J. Bradley Jr.
E. H. Grosser, W. R. Hutton, W. P. Dilworth, J. P. Cooney, Rev. H. M. Moffett, Leo Cohen, A. M. Booth, F. H. Ford
Milton Lanier, W. A. Conner, W. M. Wellman, Robt. Murphree, P. O. Aiken, R. C. Johnston, C. S. Boswell.
Wild Women
Belle Fuller, Frances Winston, Florence Brawley, Ruth Chase, Katherine Pitman, Mayme Todd, Katherine Webster, Jesse Terry, Dorothy Dregor, Leila Stewart, Nannie Clayton Powell, Helen Anderson
(a) The Grace Club Girls in
Id Love To
A little singing and a bit of dancingMiss Gretchen Strong, Miss Hattie B. Beasley, Miss Macon Webster, Mrs. Ira Terry, Mrs. Willard Hutchens, Mrs. Luke Mathews Jr., Mrs. J. J. Bradley Jr. and Miss Jean Humphrey.
(b) A Ragtime Wedding
The Bride . . . . . . . . P. O. Aiken
The Groom . . . . . . . . Henry Chase
The Chaplain . . . . . . . F. H. Ford
BridesmaidsMisses Iva Louise Hunter, Elizabeth McAllister, Mary Kelly, Sue Chase Taylor, Dorothy Bell, Vera Reynolds, Ruth Hawk and Eunice Skinner.
(c) Sandy McGregor
F. W. Steele in
The Correct Way to Catch an Oyster
Ten minutes of nonsense
(d) The Death of Saloon
(Ballet most terrible)
King Herod . . . . . . . . F. H. Ford
His Queen . . . . . . . . Mrs. J. J. Bradley Jr.
Head Slave . . . . . . . . W. A. Conner
Fan Slave . . . . . . . . C. S. Boswell
Fan Slave . . . . . . . . Robt. Murphree
Undertaker . . . . . . . . W. L. Lyle
Undertaker . . . . . . . . J. T. McGregor
Saloon (some vamp) . . . . E. H. Grosser
Wives of HerodMrs. Luke Mathews Jr., Mrs. Wilard Hutchens, Mrs. Ira Terry and Miss Gretchen Strong.
Oriental DancersMisses Iva Louise Hunter, Elizabeth McAllister, Mary Kelly Sue Chase Taylor, Dorothy Bell, Vera Reynolds, Ruth Hawk, and Eunice Skinner.
(a) Miss Macon Webster and
F. W. Steele in
Getting Acquainted
Something new in the line of pattern skirts
(b) Miss Sarah Kimbrough
Singing this months song successes
Nobodys Baby . . . . Will Rossiter
Mammy n Mine . . . . Shapiro Bernstein
Landlord Blues . . . Broadway Music Co.
(c) The Barnham & Bailed hay Sideshow
(A treat without war tax)
Fuller Bunk, a barker . . . . Milton Lanier
Pumpem Full, a barker . . . . W. R. Hutton
Timothy Hay, a rural slicker . F. H. Ford
Rob Nickles, a ticket seller . Henry Chase
Lizzie Leaflad, the fat lady . Leo Cohen
Jo Jo, the dog-faced boy . . . E. H. Grosser
Madame Herpicide, the bearded lady
. . . . . . W. P. Dilworth
Billie Measles, the leopard boy
. . . . . . A. M. Booth
Oola Goola Kala Pasha McNutt, the wild man
. . . . . . Robt. Murphree
Princess Effervescence, the snake charmer
. . . . . . J. P. Cooney
Count Limburger, a strong man Rev. H. M. Moffett
Duke Garlic, still stronger . P. O. Aiken
Madame Quack le Duck . . . . . H. B. Chase
Lotta Crust, her assistant . . F. W. Steele
Ima Blower, bandsman . . . . . J. J. Bradley, Sr.
Fulla Winda, bandsman . . . . R. L. Lyle
G. Whatta Note, bandsman . . . M. R. Murray
A. Discord, bandsman . . . . . W. I. Wellman

================ Page 2, Column 4 =================
Thursday night the Kiwanians Club held their regular weekly meet in the Wigwam with an excellent attendance. After transacting routine business and an excellent address by Mayor Chase anent the coming election on the constitutional amendments, a nominating committee was appointed by the president to nominate candidates for the various offices, who will be voted on the last meeting in the month. The committee is as follows: Barnes Howell, chairman; T. N. McAllister, Chas. H. Pulley, C. H. Hackworth, W. L. Denham, Dr. C. A. Grote and George Darwin.
The Kiwanians in a body with appropriate carnation buttonhole bouquets which signifies leadership, visited the Rotarian show Hoop La Friday and Saturday nights. The entertainment was great and immensely enjoyed by the K-brotherhood.

================ Page 3, Column 1 =================
See Our Gorgeous Xmas Stock
Largest, Best, Lowest Prices, First Class Goods.
We Have Always and Still Do!
Anything You Want in The Line
Founded 1861
5 East Side Square, Huntsville, Ala.

The Alabama $25,000,000 Good Roads Bond Issue is voted on February 16th, 1920, and the government will match this, dollar for dollar. This bill provides or a t least two pike roads begin built and maintained through every county, connecting all the county seats, and to state line in the border counties, without cost to the county of any land or property fund, and also sinking fund to retire all of these bonds in thirty years.
This years automobile tax, going to this fund, is about $200,000 and anticipating a great increase in the number of cars in the next few years, this fund should be increased to over $2,000,000 a year inside of five years and retire these bonds much sooner than expected. Parties handling this money are under heavy bonds. This bond issue will relieve the counties forever of the tremendous financial burden of trying to build and maintain these two main traveled roads in each county, which serve eighty per cent of the people of each county, and will leave the counties free in the future to use their money on lateral roads, provided this bond issue carries, which it is certain to do when all of the above facts are fully explained to the voters of Alabama.
It will take a large campaign fund to get all the good features of this bill before the voters of Alabama, which will insure its carrying. Lets get Alabama out of the MUD.
Madison Countys quota of this fundbased on the number of automobiles in the countyis $1050.
The following have subscribed, making their checks payable to Joseph J. Bradley, the County Chairman:
Geo. C. Brown & Co. . . . . . . . $50
Love Tire & Supply Co. . . . . . . 25
Jeff Terry . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Huntsville Farm Lighting Co. . . . 25
Holmes Furniture & Vehicle Co. . . 25
I. Schiffman & Co. . . . . . . . . 25
Chase Nursery Co. . . . . . . . . 25
F. B. Wilson . . . . . . . . . . 25
Hotel Twickenham . . . . . . . . . 25
McGee Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . 25
J. B. Smith Auto Co. . . . . . . . 25
O. W. Graham Auto Co. . . . . . . 25
R. W. Clay . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Thos. W. Jones . . . . . . . . . . 25
E. N. Everett . . . . . . . . . . 25
Lyle & Lyle . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Jones-Baugh Cotton Co. . . . . . . 25
W. P. Dilworth . . . . . . . . . . 25
Central Caf . . . . . . . . . . . 25
W. L. Wellman . . . . . . . . . . 25
May & Cooney . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Bradley & Conner . . . . . . . . . 25
McAnelly Hdw. Co. . . . . . . . . 25
The Hutchens Co. . . . . . . . . . 25
Jos. J. Bradley . . . . . . . . . 25
W. R. Rison Banking Co. . . . . . 25
Huntsville Bank & Trust Co. . . . 25
Jefferson Theatre . . . . . . . . 25

Large ad for Dunnavant-Fowler & Terry

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
Bud Fuquatwo cases, one of public drunkenness, and the other, affray. He put up a cash bond of ten dollars in each case, which he forfeited by his non-appearance, and that is equivalent to a plea of guilty.
The Recorder so found, and the city treasurer has the money.
Louis Owen, violating the traffic ordinance; fined one dollar.
The good order of our city is gratifying and largely due to the vigilance of our efficient police force. They are on the job.

================ Page 3, Column 5 =================
Elsewhere in The Daily Times this morning appears the double-page advertisement of the progressive merchants whose jingles have been running in this paper once a week for the past two weeks. It also carries the names of the winners in the jingle contest.
Mrs. S. O. Holmes is the winner of the first prize, $25 in gold. The other winners are: Mrs. Paul Speake, $15 in gold; Mrs. Willard Parkhurst, $10 in gold; Miss Ella Ware, a piece of cut glassall of this city: Mrs. Alice Pettus Tomlinson, R. F. D. 2, city, a piece of cut glass; and Mrs. Fannie Bradford Campbell, of Madison, piece of cut glass.
The winners can get their prizes by calling at the business office of The Daily Times.
The judges in the contest were:
Rev. Dr. W. G. Henry, pastor of the First Methodist Church; Hon. R. E. Pettus, retired wholesale merchant; and A. W. Newson, real estate and insurance.

================ Page 3, Column 7 =================
Eustace & Reed were the purchasers of the Shelly T. Lawler farm near Three Forks of Flint, Friday, at the E. J. Berry Auction Land Co. sale.
The consideration was $128 per acres. The Peyton Powell, Jr., farm on the Meridianville pike, was sold to Will Patton and J. W. Blunt, at an average price per acre of $81.78. The corner 35 acres brought $128 per acres. Mr. Berry and his associates from Bristol, Va., the Interstate Land Co., have established themselves as successful land auctioneers, and in the future the public may look for large business from them.

================ Page 4, Column 1 =================
A Good Place To Do Xmas Shopping
Buy this Talking Machine for Xmas
Plays all RecordsPopular Priced
Art Pictures and Framing
Toys Toys Toys
Useful Gifts for the Home
House Furnishing and Novelties
210 Washington St., Next to Daily Times

Real Estate For Sale
40Acres choice land on Meridian pike 4 miles out, nothing better. Price per acre $225.00.
80Acres of good farm land on pike 1-2 miles east of Hazel Green. Price per acre $75.00.
125Acre farm, dwelling, one tenant house, two barns, two wells, one everlasting spring, located 7miles from Huntsville on a good pike; this land should bring $75 per acre, but for a Quick Sale I will sell it for $50.00 per acres, and give possession January 1st.
124Acres 5 miles from Huntsville, on good pike, two tenant houses, good land, about 80 acres in cultivation, beautiful location for a nice house. Price per acre $100.00
600Acres over half of which is good land, that is it can be improved and made splendid land, land that joins it on each side is selling for $100 and $80 per acre, has 5 tenant houses, two small barns, two everlasting springs, only 8 miles from Huntsville; pike all the way form Huntsville except one mile to the farm. Price per acre $30.00.
503Acres of good level rich land, a number of good tenant houses, small creek that runs all the year round, land rich and very productive, 12 miles southwest of Huntsville, and is located in the best corn and cotton belt in Madison county, a good farmer could raise enough on this farm in two years to pay for it. Price per acre, $65.00.
380Acres of good farm land located on pike and railroad, right at Farley station, formerly known as the McBeth farm, small creek, three springs, 280 acres in cultivation, 100 acres in choice timber that has not been cut over, over $6,000 worth of good cedar in this tract, besides the other timber. Here is an ideal stock farm, cotton, corn, or wheat farm, has a dwelling, a number of tenant houses, barn, you cant beat it for the money in Madison county. Price per acre $75.00.
429Acre farm, good rich bottom land, about 100 acres of up-land, about 329 acres in cultivation, 6 tenant houses from two to five rooms, has a splendid two story building with 8 rooms, located on the Whitesburg pike, and for quick sale can be bought for $60.00 per acre.
7Room dwelling, large lot on paved street close in, lot 100x250, barn, servants house. This place is worth $7,000 for a quick sale will close it for $5,500.
10Room apartment house close in, on paved street, two bath rooms, corner lot, nice shade trees. This is a real bargain. Price $6,500.
9Room dwelling, one of the best in Huntsville, furnace heated, two sleeping porches, corner lot, paved sidewalks, paved streets, all paid for. You couldnt build this dwelling for $12,000 and the lot is worth $3,000. If sold before January 1st, will sell for $10,000.00
By John T. Jones
Office Phone 553. Residence Phone 413-J Office No. 7, Bank Row, Huntsville, Ala.

================ Page 4, Column 3 =================
Mr. John S. Yarbrough, the popular local agent for the N. C. & St. L. R. R., yesterday authorized The Daily Times to state that the passenger trains on his line annulled as of December 9th, will be restored on tomorrow morning Monday, December 15th, at 12:01 oclock.

================ Page 4, Column 5 =================
The Womans Auxiliary of the Nativity will have beautiful wreaths for Xmas decorations. Phone your orders to 476, and they will receive prompt attention. Please phone early. Mrs. Kendall. 12-12-3t.

================ Page 4, Column 6 =================
Mr. Vernon W. Moore, representing the Piedmont Directory Co., of Asheville, N. C., is in the city with a crew of experts, taking the census of the city and the suburbs, including mill districts, for the purpose of compiling a new city directory for Greater Huntsville.
Mr. Moore authorizes The Daily Times to say that this new directory will be complete in detail and will be a credit not only to the publishers, but the his community. The new directory is endorsed by our local organizations and business men, and any bit of courtesy extended to Mr. Moore and his associates will be appreciated by them.

================ Page 4, Column 7 =================
Dear Santa: We are very little girls and only want a big doll apiece, plenty of fruit, and some candy.
Your little girls,
Capitola and Carolyn Capshaw.
West Huntsville.
Dear Santa: I am a little boy, and I want you to bring me a nice chair, and some fruits and nuts.
Dear Santa: I am a little girl, aged 12. I want you to bring me a wrist watch, and also some fruit.
Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl six years old. I want you to bring me a doll land a doll bed; also plenty of fruit.
Madison, Ala.
Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me a pair of gloves, a doll, and a box of handkerchief, and some fruit.
Madison, Ala.
Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me a box of shells, a pair of gloves, and a pair of leather leggings.
Madison, Ala., Route 2.
Dear Santa: I am a little girl three years old. Santa, I hope you think Im a good little girl, so you can bring me a nice doll that goes to sleep.
Dear Santa: I am a little boy seven year of age. I love you dearly, and I want you to bring me some nice toys.
Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me a nice pony and cart, a little bank to keep my money in, and a large story book. And be sure to bring me a large Shepherd dog, with a silver collar on it. I live at 621 Church Street.

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