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St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: The Ohio White Caps. Fresh Outrages by Masked Men in the Vicinity of Toledo.

Date: December 13 1889

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, Mo.

Toledo, O., December 13.

Fresh outrages on the part of masked men in the vicinity of Toledo show that the "White Caps" are organized and working to a purpose. When the first reports were sent out little credence was placed in them, they being generally charged to the account of irresponsible reporters, but this opinion has given away before the repeated raids of the Ohio White Cappers. The latest comes from Wood County. A man named MARTIN, living a few miles from Bowling Green, received notice early in the week that if he did not go to work and support his family he would meet punishment at the hand of the "Wood County Vigilance Committee." MARTIN paid no attention to the notices, and Tuesday evening as he started for home in an intoxicated condition he was seized by a band of masked men and taken into the woods. A rope was tied around his neck and one end thrown over a limb. He began to pray. Twice the men cut the prayers short by drawing their victim up until he dangled in the air. Then they stripped him, tied him to a tree and applied beech switches until his back was a mass of bleeding flesh. His clothes were then replaced and he was taken home, where he now lies sick.

A few nights ago a man named MILLER, living at Leipsic, received a notice similar to the one sent MARTIN. He paid no attention to it, thinking it was a practical joke by some of his neighbors, but learned of his mistake too late. He was visited early in the week by White Caps and taken from the house and unmercifully lashed. At Fostoria notices were posted a week ago and when they were torn down by those to whom they were directed, other were sent. General notices addressed: "To whom it may concern," were tacked on the trees in front of ex-Gov. FOSTER's residence and the yards of other prominent citizens. For ten days the thing was regarded as a great hoax and every one ridiculed the idea of "White Caps" visiting Fostoria. Tuesday night a band of men, mounted and equipped in white cap outfits, dashed through the town. An attempt was made to follow them, but they scattered and were soon lost in a dense forest a few miles from the town. While there is no danger of the regulators doing any of their work within the city limits they have already sent notices to farmers living in the adjacent towns. Defiance, Napoleon, Perrsburg and Maumee have each been visited, although no actual outrage was attempted. The skull and cross-bones with a representation of a bowie knife beneath, is a favorite sign of the order in this vicinity. At Napoleon the notice bore the words: "God hates liars, perjurers and adulterers. The White Cappers are the Lord's chosen people to wreak out his vengeance on the wicked and unjust."

The people are becoming much alarmed.

Submitted: 03/27/12 (Edited 03/27/12)

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