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St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: A Startling Rumor From the Bald-Knobbers' Country. Friends of the Bald-Knobber King Hang the Men Who Swore Away His Life.

Date: November 15 1888

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, Mo.

Page/Column: 1

Springfield, Mo., November 15.

A rumor reached here this morning from Christian County, the home of the Bald Knobber king, Dave WALKER, that five of the witnesses against him in his trial for murder had been lynched by ex-Bald Knobbers. It is said that the friends of WALKER had waited until the Supreme Court had passed finally on the case, and then learning that WALKER must hang, proceeded to wreak their vengeance. The lynching is said to have taken place on Tuesday night on the banks of what is known as Bull Creek.

Later News:

2 p.m. - Nothing authentic can be learned of the Bald Knob lynching. The point at which it is said to have occurred is forty miles from a telegraph station, and the only means of communication is by messenger.

Last night a man by the name of GRANT arrived here from Taney City, in Taney County, to see Joe INMAN and Charles GRAVES to give them warning not to return to their homes in Christian County. INMAN and GRAVES were concerned in the GREENE and EDENS murder, and to save their necks they turned State's evidence. Both came here several days ago and were about returning when GRANT reached here and told them that five men had already been lynched and the mob was waiting for them. GRANT knew nothing of the lynching himself, the information had been brought to him by one of INMAN's relatives who did not stop to give particulars, but continued his flight towards Arkansas after begging GRANT to warn INMAN and GRAVES. Both men are still in the city, but will hazard a return tonight.

Who the Bald Knobbers Are

Dave WALKER was the Chief of the Bald Knobbers, who for months made life a worthless burden for all who fell under their displeasure in Christian County. The Bald Knobbers were originally vigilantes or bands of citizens of Christian and Taney Counties who combined to correct abuses then existing in their locality in the Ozark Mountains. They afterward undertook to avenge personal wrongs, and so began a terrible career of crime. Men were taken from their beds at night and killed or brutally whipped. Women were beaten and even children sometimes suffered when the masked men made one of their midnight raids. When the atrocities became frequent the authorities undertook to break up the gang. Prosecutions were instituted and vigorously carried through to convictions. WALKER appealed from a verdict of murder in the first degree for the killing of the GREEN and EDEN families to the Supreme Count, and on Monday last the Supreme Court affirmed the sentence and named December 28 as the day for his execution.

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