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Calgary Tribune
Calgary Tribune
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Description: The Rev. Messrs. Herdman and Dyke...

Date: November 18 1885

Calgary Tribune
November 18, 1885
Calgary, Alberta-Canada

The Rev. Messrs. HERDMAN and DYKE exchanged pulpits last Sunday morning.

We are informed that some of LITTLE POPLAR's Indians are running about Calgary. Little Poplar it will be remembered is a son-in-law of BIG BEAR.

We notice that Mr. D.C. ROBERTSON has gone into the express business. He has now two rigs on the road. We have no doubt but he will make a success of it.

Barrack Improvements-Forms of tender for the building of a new stable, magazine, latrines, and other improvements have been leased(?) to the contractors of the town. It is said to be a $20,000 job.

The sale of Mr. BARNES household goods last Saturday was a decided success, a large company of buyers were present and the bidding was lively. The hammer was wielded by Mr. FITZGERALD.

After the Thanksgiving service on Thursday, young Messrs. DOUGLAS, KENSINGTON and LINTON entertained the united choirs to an Oyster Supper at their quarters. Avery pleasant evening was spent.

It is rumoured that a private individual intends building a bridge over the Elbow, near the railway bridge. The same gentleman, it is said, will erect a hotel and bowling alley near the east end of the bridge.

Section sixteen was put on the market on Saturday last. Up till last night over 400 lots had been purchased at an aggregate of over $10,000 by the citizens of Calgary, thus abowing the confidence of the people of the future of the town.

The Bishop of Saskatchewan will hold two services in the Church of the Redeemer next Sunday. In the morning an ordination service will be held when Mr. BOURNE of MacLeod will be ordained a priest. The Bishop is an especial favourite in Calgary and no doubt will draw large congregations at both services.

Mr. VAN HORNE and party passed through for the east last Thursday remaining but a few minutes here. The trip from Port Moodie to Calgary was made in two days. From Calgary to Winnipeg was accomplished in 23 hours, and they expected to be in Montreal two days after leaving Winnipeg.

A number of our citizens who subscribed money towards building a bridge at the mission regret that no action is being taken in the matter this fall. We are now approaching the most disagreeable time of the year for fording rivers as the chill of the water is almost enough to seriously impair the health of the animal. We hope an effort will be made to build the bridge this winter and have it ready before the spring breakup.

On Monday evening the settlers of Pine Creek turned out in large numbers to a public meeting to the residence of Mr. WATSON to make final arrangements for the erection of a public building for religious and educational purposes. The Rev. J. DYKE was elected chairman and Mr. WILKINSON secretary. The meeting chose the site on the south end corner of DAVID VIOLER (?) place which is a mile west of Pine Creek, crossing on the Macleod trail, the subscription list showed about $350.00 part of which was paid in and the rest will be called for in two weeks. The following trustees were elected. Mr. BOBB, Mr. C. McINNIS, AND Mr. RAE with Mr. WILKINS as secretary treasurer. The trustees hold their first meeting on Monday the 25th of Nov. when they will enter upon their work of erecting the building.

We regret to hear of the death of Constable DYRE, which occurred at Battleford Oct 31st. Deceased was stationed at Calgary for some time and when Major STEELE was instructed to repair to the mountains with a body of picked men he was among those chosen. At the beginning of the outbreak in the spring he belonged to STEELE's mounted men being engaged at Loon Lake and in the pursuit of BIG BEAR, where he proved himself a true soldier. At the close of the rebellion the detachment to which he belonged were left at Fort Pitt for a time and afterwards removed to Battleford where the still remain. By his death the detachment loses a good man and his comrades greatly regret the loss of one who was endeared to them all by his genial disposition and manly bearing. He was the son of Rev. W.B. DYRE Methodist Minister of Newborn, Ont. We extend our sympathy to his afflicted relatives.


The carnival held at the Roller Skating Rink on Wednesday evening last was a decided success. The building was well filled with spectators. The building was handsomely decorated with flags, bunting and chinese lanterns, and the band was present and (?) good music. The Grand March, led by Mrs. FRASER and Mr. LAMB was fairly executed for new skaters, but some of the skaters requrire a good deal more practice before they become proficient in the march.
The following is a list of the costumes
Miss KATIE McNEIL, huntress
LOWDEN, Grace Darling
MARY WI(?), Highland Lassie
MAGGIE SILVER(?), Normandy Peasant
MABEL GOU(?), Morning Star
LOU McNEILL, Morning Star
FLORA GERALD, Queen of Fairies
HATTIE ENGLISH, MR. R. McF(?) -Two Lovers
Mr. A. BASKIN (?), (?)
HARPER, Highland Laddie
JAMES SMART, Lacrosser
W. PUGH, fat man
J.L. VINCENT, gent of the 16th century
WALTER CLAXTON, French soldier
MARK CU(?), Turk
GEO SHAW, gent of the 17th century
D.W. WRIGHT, (?)
FRED LAP-(?), sailor
S. HOL(?), Norwegian Fisherman
ALLWARD, George Washington
J. McNEILL, Yum Yum
T. McNEILL, Washerwoman
C. SMALLEY, gent of the 18th century
JOHN RIVET, blacksmith


Judge TRAVIS left by (?) and (?) stage line last Friday for Edmonton to hold a sitting of the court there.

Mr. D.L. SCOTT Q.C. of Regina gave us a pleasant call last Wednesday. He only remained one day in town.

Mr. BIGELOW, who has been acting in this locality as agent for the Hamilton (?) Co. returned to his home in Montreal last Thursday.

Mr. W.T. RAMSAY left for the east last week.

Mr. P.T. BONE one of the C.P.R. engineers who spent the winter of '83 and '84 in Calgary has just returned from the mountains where he has been continuously since the spring of 84. He expressed much surprise at the growth of Calgary.

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