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Arizona Daily Star
Arizona Daily Star
Contributed by Corsby1

Description: The shooting affray at Phoenix

Date: June 14 1898

Newspaper published in: Tucson

Source: library

          Later reports of the shooting at Phoenix Saturday night show that the Mexican, Gonzales, who was shot by Deputy U.S. Marshal Porterio, was begging on the streets and otherwise making himself disagreeable.

          Policeman Kay was trying to arrest Gonzales when the latter pulled a knife, whereupon the officer drew his revolver and hit the Mexican with the butt end of it.  He made another dab at the Mexican with the weapon, but it slipped from his grasp and flew out into the street.  At this juncture Marshal Porterio arrived on the scene, and drawing his gun ordered the Mexican to drop the knife.  Gonzales stood still and made to move, and Porterio without further parleying fired his weapon, and Gonzales sank to the sidewalk without uttering a word.

          Porterio immediately delivered himself up and was placed in jail.

          When Gonzales realized he was a dying man, he made a statement under oath to Justice Johnson to the effect that he did not know the parties were officers, and when Porterio leveled his revolver at him, he threw up his hands in token of surrender.

          Officer Kay was also arrested, but was released on furnishing $500 bond.

          Stories of the shooting differ greatly, and some think Gonzales does not understand English and, therefore, was in ignorance of the officer’s commands.

Submitted: 06/21/12 (Edited 06/21/12)

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