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Daily Confederation
Daily Confederation
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Mr. Charles MOULTON Wounded - Negro Killed - Desperate Rascal.

Date: March 8 1860

Newspaper published in: Montgomery, AL.

One of the most dastardly attempts to kill a white person that has ever come to our notice, occurred yesterday morning at the plantation of Mr. Charles MOULTON, a highly respectable resident of our county. it seems that a negro belonging to Mr. Robert WARE, had been a run away from his master about two or three weeks, and was discovered on yesterday to be in the loft of the stable belonging to Mr. MOULTON. This gentleman, together with Mr. WARE, Mr. NORMAN, and several others, repaired to the place and found the negro still in the loft, which he considered a very good hiding place. he was called by Mr. WARE, and told to come immediately down. This he would not do, and said before he would consent for them to take him he would die. While some of the gentlemen were devising some means by which they could get possession of him, and others were in conversation with him, he deliberately discharged a pistol containing shot at Mr. MOULTON, striking him in the forehead. Fortunately for Mr. M. the force of the shot was not strong enough to cause any other than little flesh wounds. So soon as the negro shot, Mr. WARE immediately discharged the contents of his gun at him, while the other gentlemen began firing their pistols in rapid succession. The negro was immediately killed and taken from the loft. He deserved, without any doubt, the death that he met.

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