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The Alton Telegraph
Contributed by Illinois

Description: General News

Date: March 1836

Newspaper published in: Alton

[This paper is full of ads for businesses in Alton, reports from U. S. Congress as well as the State Legislature. It also picks up articles of interest from other papers of which a few have been used.]

March 9, 1838 Vol 1, issue 8

- Article on town lots in Springfield, Illinois to be sold at Auction on May 24, 1826.

- Article on town lots in Waverly, Illinois at a point general known as Cook & Eastman in Morgan County.

- Article on town lots in Albany, Green County, Illinois. To be located about 3 miles from the river.

- Debate in the House of Representative of Mr. Wise printed.

- Steam boat Tiskilwa has been purchased by a company of our merchants for the purpose of continuing her as a regular packet between Alton and St. Louis.

- Pocket book found on Piassa Hill, on the road between alton and Carrollton, containing a number of receipts, notes of hand, and other papers, in favor of Joseph L. Kimball of Boston, Mass. Owner can have the property by applying at this office and paying for this advertisement.

Page 3

We learn from Galena that John B. Smith who shot Woodbury Massay at Debuques Mines last fall and whose call was dismissed by a late circuit court held at Mineral Point, for want of jurisdiction, was shot down in Galena on the 13th ult. by Henry L. Massey, a younger brother of the deceased. Smith lingered a few days and died. Massey had left the country.

The 6th Reg. U. S. Infantry left Jefferson Barracks on Monday last in transports for Fort ____coup, LA. The following is a list of the officers: Major B. Riley, com’g the Regt.,

Staff Surgeon, Finley and Asst. Surgeon Hughes, Medical staff; Lieut. G. A. Crossman, acting quarter; Lieut. Brooke, Adjutant; Lieut. Sevier, acting Com. subsistents, Capts: Z. C. Palmer, W. N. Wickliff; Thos Noel, G. W. Peters; Lieuts. L.. M. Nute, J. W. Swearingen, J. S. Worth, G. Dorr, Wm. Hoffman, J. Conrad, G. H. Griffin, J. P. Center, G. H. Ringold, J. P. Harrison, Campbell, DeForrest, Brent.

March 16, 1836

- Mr. Wise’s speech continued.

- The following gentlemen have been nominated as a Board of Corporation officer, for the years 1836 and 7. For trustees: A. G. Sloo, B. K. Gilman, C. Howard, H. Hawley, R. M. M’Farlan, C.W. Hunter, C. Slone, A. Olney; For town Constable, street commissioner and collector. T. H. Hawley; for assessors, John Higham; for treasurer, Simeon Ryder.

- Snow storm of seven or eight inches.

-Notice of Partition in Madison Circuit Court: Nathaniel Pope, complainant, vs John Reynolds, David Prickett, Joseph Conway, Elvira L. Edwards, Ninian w. Edwards, Albert G. Edwards, Banjamin S. Edwards, John Cook, James S. Lane and Margaret B., his wife, Moses Whitesides, William Whitesides, Ninian Whitesides, George W. Whiteside, Mary Reynolds, James H. Gilham and Mary, his wife, Jacob Judy and Anna his wife, Jacob Swiggard, and Hester Ann, his wife, and Jacob Marshall and Elvira, his wife, defendants.

March 23, 1836

- Macoupin Circuit Court April Term 1836 in Chancery: Benjamin Stedman, Complainant vs Eleanor E. Guy, Samuel H. Thompson Administrator of the Estate of Alexander Miller, dec’d., Benjamin J. West and Joseph McKee, administrators of the estate of William P.? McKee, dec’d. Julia Ann McKee, Mary Letitia McKee and William Henry McKee, Defendants.

- To Gabriel R. Paul, Benjamin E. Paul, Oatharine A. Paul, Louisa a. Paul, Sophia T. Paul, children and heirs at law of Rene Paul, dec’d., Estelle F. Paul, Adolphe Paul, Therese Paul, children of Gabriel Paul, Gabriel Paul, Gabriel S. Chouteau, Thomas F. Smith and Emilie, his wife, Auguste A. Chouteau, Auguste P. Chouteau, Edward Chouteau, and Henry Chouteau. Take notice that at new next term of the Madison Circuit Court to be holden at Edwardsville on the 4th Monday of April, 1836, I will apply for partition of all that tract of land lying in Madison county and containing about seven hundred and twenty-seven acres, being the residue of a tract of 1000 acres of land, purchased by Auguste Chouteau, my late husband, from John Rice Jones, being claim No. 1258 and survey No. 581 or 531 patented to said Auguste Chouteau as assignee of John Rice Jones, bounded by Congress land, entered by unknown persons, south by a part of same tract, sold by Auguste Chouteau to Moses Seeds, east by part of the same tract sold to John Shetler, and by Samuel Worley’s survey and west by the Mississippi River. Said partition to be made to me according to my right in virtue of an ante nuptial contract and the Will of my said husband. Therese Cerre Chouteau, widow of Auguste Chouteau.

-Notice - I will on the first Monday of April, 1836, attend before the judge of Probate, in the town of Carlinville, State of Illinois, county of Macoupin, and make settlement of Lilbeurne W. Hodges, dec’d. All persons interested are requested to attend. W. W. Keas, Adm’r.

-Copy of Mr. Gatewood’s Speech at the Late Van Buren Convention at Vandalia.

Page 3 March 23

Steam Boat Accidents:

-Diana, owned and freighted by Messrs. Pratte, Chouteau & Co., bound for Council Bluffs, Missouri River on the 16th, when about 300 miles above this place, struck a snag and commenced filling rapidly, notwithstanding the great exertions made with the pumps....

-Chian, J. Bates master, on her return downthe Missouri river, about seven miles below Chariton, struck a snag on the 14th about 12 o’clock M. and sank immediately

-Rev. J. M. Peck is expect to preach at the Baptist meeting house on the following Sabbath.

Port of Alton: List of arrivals, freight being carried. Also lists departures.

-Married in Brooklyn, Mo., on Thursday the 17th Inst. By Rev. Mr. Graves, Mr. John Park to Mrs. Sarah Trapp.

Madison Circuit Court:

-John Higham vs Aaron A. Swanke.Term of April 1836. Attachment $100.

-Daniel Tolman vs John Todd Thurston, Harriet E. Thurston, Mary Nash Thurston, Amanda F. Thurston, Henry Clay Thurston, and Ducas Tolman. In partition of Real Estate. Ordered sale of land and gives description.

-New Livery Stable: J. S. Nutter and J. L. Gingham.

-Paris Mason, Attorney for Sarah Mason, Guardian offering sale of real estate.

-Sarah Mason, guardian of Martha Maria Mason, daughter and infant heir of James Mason, Dec’d petition to sell real estate.

-Announcement of an auction of farm land in St. Clair county, Illinois, being the same occupied for many years by Gov. Reynolds and afterwards by James Waddell...

-Alton Female Seminary under the care of Miss Martha O. Dunn.

-Miss M. A. Brown contemplates opening a school in Alton at the vestry of the Baptist church.

There are many advertisements for goods in this issue.

March 30, 1836

-John A. Halderman, M. D. Practice of Surgery, Medicine and Midwifery.

Madison Circuit Court - April Term

-Nathaniel Pope Complainant vs John Reynolds, David Prickett, Joseph Conway, Elvira L. Edwards, Ninian W. Edwards, Albert G. Edwards, Benjiman S. Edward, John Cook, James S. Lane and Margartt B., his wife, Moses Whiteside, George W. Whiteside, Ninian Whitesides, Mary Reynolds, John Reynolds 2nd, William Reynolds, James H. Gilham and Mary his wife, Jacob Judy and Anne, his wife, Jacob Swiggart and Hester Ann his wife, and Jacob Marshall and Elvira his wife. Defendants - Petition for Partition.

-Wolcott Steubenville Spring Jeans, manufactured expressly for spring and summer use. James Henry, Wall. St., Louisville.

page 2.

-A letter from Jesse Benton dated 22 Feb 1836. From near Nacocdoches Texas: Dear Sir - A month’s sickness had reduced me almost to the grave. Official information has just reached us that Santa Anna has crossed the Rio Grande and is marching against us with a large army for the purpose of exterminating us. I will place myself in the infantry as a private soldier, and if he pass our bayonets I will be deceived. Nearly all our troop are riflemen no body of infantry to lodge on to form squares or rush on with and crush the enemy. We will die hard, for it will be truly victory or death with us. Our volunteers have consumed our provisions and a great many have left us – just as I expected...

- Report of the Indian War in Florida.

- We learn from Dubuque that a very tragical affair occurred in that place, during the for part of this week. Miss Massey,sister of Henry Ll Massey, who shot down the elder Smith, in this town some two weeks since, shot Wm. Smith, the son of the aforesaid deceased, on Monday afternoon last. The ball entered his right side just above the third rib and lodged. Our informant thinks he cannot survive the wound. This unexpected occurance has set afloat so many rumors, that we are compelled to wait for more authentic information, before we say further - Galena Gaz.

-Report of the Expedition of Col. Dodge into the Indian Territory, in 1835 leaving from Fort Leavenworth.

-Shortage of houses in Alton reported.


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