The Harrison Telegraph
The Harrison Telegraph
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Description: Various News

Date: July 16 1825

Newspaper published in: Cadiz

Saturday, July 16, 1825


A list of letter remaining in the Post Office Cadiz Ohio on the first of July 1825

David Arnold

Thomas Aberson 

Connel Abdil

Wm Boyd

Abraham Berkaw

Nancy Branon

George Brown

Jo's Black

John Barns

Sarah Barrett

John Baker

Warden Barrett

James Cample

Wm Cavenes

Jas. Crawford

May Cunningham

J??? Clark

John Crom

Thos Clark

James Cobean

Samuel Caruthers

John Cobean

John Dickeson

Rebecca Deckeson

James Drummond

Henry Estick

John English

Francis Grace

Jas Gibson

Martha Gardner

John Glasgow

Wm Griffith 

Isaac Haines

Gasaway Houser

Samuel Harper

Frederick Hukill

Jacob Hines

Claven Hogue

John Hunter

Benjamin Hudson

Edward Heales

Jo?n Hawley

Catherine Jeffers

Margaret Johnston

Samuel Jackson

Dan'l Jones

Hester Jones

Gabriel Johnson

Wm P. Kent

Rev. Wm. Lambdon

Michael Lard

Tunis  Maffit

Hugh McHravey

Elenor Maglen

Miss Mary McCormick

Moses M?can?on

J??n McNutt

Elizabeth Madden

James McCune

Jacob Monts

John Miller

Tho's Mullen

John McMillan

Samuel Osbun

Ba uck Oglevee

John Pittis

Ac???les Pugh

Isaac Pritchard

John Reed

Thomas Ramsour

James Roberts

Wm Rogers

Wm. Ramsey

George Ramsey

Wm R??ney

James Reed Jr

Matthew Sampson

J??n Smith

Isaac Spiker

Jas Summers

Matthew Steen

John Stewart

John Thompson

Hugh Teas

Rob't Todd

Nancy Vandolah

Catharine Hiliegas

John or Barett Wall???

Wm Wagstaff

Thos Wood

Jemima We???g

Robert Walker

Catherine Wallace

Wm Welch

Wm West

Jane Wilkey

Thos Wayman

Jonathan Worrel

Thos Leeck

Philip Lock

T. Phillips, P.M.


List of letters remaining in the Post Office, Freeport Ohio on the first of July 1825 and if not taken out for three months will be returned as dead letters

Jane Anderson

Jonathan Andrews

Easter Boyd

Mary Booth

Christian Baker

Larkin Bond

David Creemer

Wm. Coleman

Joseph Cadwallader

John F. Davis

Mary Hogue

Zacheus B. Huff

Thomas Larkin

James McMath

Hugh Porter

John Purdue

Elisha Spooner

Thomas Roberts

J. I Wilson, P.M.



All person indebted to the estate of Abigail STANTON deceased are requested to come forward and make immediate payment; and those having claims against said estate are requested to forward their claims legally attested for settlement within twelve month from this date

Wm. LEWIS, Adm'r


[There are three more articles two of them Notices like the above regard deceased persons and for settlement of their estates and one Public Sale of property.  The articles are cut off on one side so I can't transcribe the complete article and unfortunately I am only able to get the surnames of the deceased and not the given name.  I decided to at least give you what I can get from these articles and am sorry I can't do better.  The papers then skip from this July issue to November 5, 1825 issue with all others missing.  Maybe something will show up on these names in later issues, they do seem to repeat these notices often]


Notice for the estate of ???bee Cox of Harrison County Ohio to settle up one year from the 15th of June.  Busby and George Skipper Executors for said estate.

[In looking at wills for Harrison Co. I found a will for Zebediah Cox whose will was written June 12, 1825 and probated June 15, 1825 wife was Charlotte,  Children were Harrison, Elijah, Ziporah, Zebediar, and Executors were John Busby and George Skippers.  This looks like this would fit the above notice]


Notice for the estate of ????????? Marshall deceased of Harrison County Ohio to settle up one year from first of ???? 1825. Mary Marshall Adm'rtrix.


The Public Sale is for the Chattels, goods of ???hedee COX or it could be ???bedee COX. BUSBY Executor of said Estate

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