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Wisconsin Daily Patriot
Wisconsin Daily Patriot
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Important From Arizona - Mrs. PAGE Still Alive.

Date: April 25 1860

Newspaper published in: Madison, WI.

Tucson, April 1, 1860.

Mrs. PAGE is still alive, is no longer with the Indians, and she has passed through actual trials, hardships, and difficulties during the last fortnight, exceeding in thrilling interest any of the most highly-wrought pages of fiction.

Last night a messenger arrived here from the Santa Rita Pinery, with a letter from Mr. John PAGE, stating that his wife had come in alive, after enduring almost incredible trials. Mr. PAGE immediately set out, accompanied by a physician, and everything possible to be done for her relief will be done.

It seems from what we can learn that Mrs PAGE, probably the day following her seizure by the Indians, finding that her friends were on the trail, refused to go on, and her savage masters lanced her in several places, and left her for dead. After some time she revived to find herself weak from loss of blood, with wounds still open, footsore from her previous trials, without food, and miles from any habitation. What a position for a young woman of eighteen summers - a bride of two months - whose life hitherto had been all sunshine?

Through all these trials Mrs. PAGE struggled for two weeks and dragged her emaciated form by degrees toward the home from which she had so lately been rudely torn by ruthless savages. No one suspected her presence in the mountain, and those who were looking for intelligence from her thought she was miles away amid the haunts of the red man. How she was enabled to suffer so much and reach home at length is incomprehensible. But sad as have been her trials, how pleasing the consolation at last that once more she is surrounded by friends, and that she is no longer at the mercy of the savages.

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