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Jefferson Democrat
Jefferson Democrat
Contributed by LaDonna

Description: Circuit Court Minutes

Date: September 21 1911

Newspaper published in: Hilsboro

Circuit Court Minutes.

 September Term, 1911

G. E. KENNER vs. Stephen HUG; passed to Sept. 25th, Wednesday.

B. O. DAVIDSON of St. Louis enrolled as member of local bar, Thursday.

J. Scott WOLTF vs. St. L. & S. F. RY. CO. Motion for new trial and arrest of judgment overruled, Thursday. Appeal granted to St. Louis Court of Appeals.

State vs. William STAHLBERG, robber. Defendant plead guilty and punishment fixed at two years in penitentiary.

Ed FORREST, Rudolph STADLER, William GOLTERMAN, Andy JOHNSTON, Henry MORRIS, John ARNOLD, James MCKEAN and Alfred WIBBLE placed on petit jury Thursday to fill vacancies.

Edward BIEWEND vs. Adolph BIEWEND et al., partition. Decree of partition ordered in accordance with copy filed by plaintiff.

State vs. Frederick S. NEILSEN, assault to kill. Jury returned verdict of not guilty, Thursday.

Albert WEBER excused from grand jury Thursday and Sheriff ordered to fill vacancy next day.

August FRIEDMEYER vs. A. BOYANCHEK. Passed to Sept. 26th, Thursday.

State vs. J. A. WORTHINGTON et al. Judgment on bond of C. ELDRIDGE, one of defendants, for $100, Thursday.

In re Crystal City Gun Club. H. B. IRWIN filed report as amices cures, Friday. Petition granted and Irwin allowed fee for $10.00.

George HILL vs. Otto BUDER appeal. Motion to dismiss sustained, Friday.

Freddie MOTTERT by next friend vs. William NAES et al. Passed to Sept. 27th, Friday.

James OGLE put on grand jury to fill vacancy, Friday.

G. H. BROOKS enrolled as member of local bar, Friday.

William VORNBERG vs. Carter LYON et al. Continued to next term by agreement, Friday.

John ARENZ vs. Reuben SUTHERLAND. Set for trial Sept. 26th, Friday.

Thomas LANHAM et al. vs. William BIENHART. Set for trial Sept. 27th, Friday.

W. J. BOGGS vs. George MAHN; dismissed at cost of defendant, Friday.

Harvey COLE excused from petit jury, Friday.

Bench warrant ordered Friday for Joseph HARROLD on charge of perjury.

Herman BAARGHHOEFER vs. John HALLENBERGER, ejectment and try title. Heard Friday and taken under advisement until October 10, 1911.

Peoples Bank of DeSoto vs. Albert CREASON et al. alias writs ordered for defendants, Saturday.

John SCHWALBERT, William GOLTERMAN, A. F. SLAWASON, J. Ed. CRAFT and Louis STEFFEN excused from petit jury Saturday, and Peter BLANK and Richard SCHROEDER placed on jury to fill vacancies.

Maggie FARROLL et al vs. John Eagan et al. Sam BYRNS appointed guardian ad litem for defendant, John EAGAN, and case passed to Sept. 28th. Answer of guardian ad litem filed, Saturday.

Belle DEBOISE vs. Henry DEBOISE, divorce. Plaintiff granted divorce. Saturday.

Wm HUGHES vs. Mary HUGHES, Laura LEWIS vs. Albert LEWIS and Minnie DODSON vs. Ernest DODSON. Cases dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Annie RIGLEY vs. Andrew RIGLEY, continued to next term for lack of notice, Saturday.

State vs. Arthur Bryant, attempt to commit rape. Jury found verdict of guilty and fixed punishment at six months in jail and a fine of $100., Saturday.

John Schumacher vs. Bertha Schumacher, divorce. Plaintiff granted divorce, Saturday.

Heenan PIERCE, J. W. ECKLE and W. E. BOHMIE placed on petit jury Monday to fill vacancies.

A. W. WELCH et al vs. Emanuel HOFFMAN, appeal. Dismissed by agreement at cost of plaintiff.

Mina BARKEMEIER et al vs. August GREIVE et al, partition. Report of sale made Monday.

City of Crystal City vs. Lee HOLT. Continued to next term y agreement, Monday.

State vs. C. Rome VILLMER, forgery. Jury found verdict of guilty of forgery in third degree and fixed punishment at two years in penitentiary, Monday.

W. H. PILLIARD vs. W. P. BRENT, replevin. Judgment for plaintiff for possession of property and one cent damages and costs of suit, Monday.


Tuesday, Sept. 19th.

State vs. Charles LEBEAUME. Case set for Oct. 17, 1911. Bond fixed at $100., and bond filed and approved.

Clara M. MANNING vs. The Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. Judgment for plaintiff for $3995. Motion for new trial overruled. Appeal granted to Supreme Court and bonds fixed at $8000; bond to be filed by Oct. 10, 1911, and bill of exceptions to be filed before January 8, 1912.

Joseph M. DRURY vs. Ollie M. DRURY, divorce. Plaintiff granted divorce and custody of minor child.

John ACHTER et al vs. School dist. No. 44 et al. Case submitted on agreed statement of facts and attorneys given leave to file briefs and case taken under advisement until Sept. 25th, 1911.


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