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Description: Walter Blaine Dead The Secretary's Son Fatally Attacked by Influenza

Date: January 16 1890

Newspaper published in: Laramie, WY

Page/Column: Page 1

Walter Blaine Dead The Secretary's Son Fatally Attacked by Influenza

Washington, January 16. Walker BLAINE, examiner of claims in the State Department and eldest son of Hon. James G. BLAINE, Secretary of State, died at the family residence at 8:20 o'clock last evening of acute pneumonia, super-induced by an attack of la grippe. He had been ill only a few days, and his death is a sudden and severe shock to an unusually large circle of friends who were not aware that he was dangerously ill until yesterday, while the family is prostrated with grief.

He was not feeling well all last week and on Friday he became much worse and was compelled to take to his bed.

The Secretary gave a dinner party Monday night to a number of people prominent in official society and Walker BLAINE was then feeling so much better that he sat up for sometime chatting with guests, and afterwards walked around the house. He contracted additional cold, which settled on his lungs and developed into acute pneumonia last night.

Thursday morning his condition was so alarming that all immediate relatives of the family were hastily summoned home by telegraph. He was delirious most of the day, with exceeding high temperature and painfully labored respirations.

Walker Blaine graduated from Yale College in 1876, and studying law received his diploma from Columbia College, New York, in 1878. In 1881, while President GARFIELD was on his death bed, he sent for Walker BLAINE and appointed him third assistant Secretary of State, saying that he appreciated his ability and desired to show it. After serving in this capacity for nearly a year, he was appointed on the Alabama claims commission, where he served with great credit from 1882 to 1885. On the advent of the present administration he was appointed solicitor of the State Department, a position which he has filled with great credit and ability.

The President and Mrs. HARRISON called very soon after Mr. BLAINE's death and Vice President and Mrs. MORTON came soon afterwards. Justices HARLAN and GRAY of the Supreme Court, most of the members of the Maine delegation, Representative HITT and many other were well in official and social life also called.

No arrangements for the funeral have yet been made.

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