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Description: Demise of New York's Many Times Millionaire From Heart Failure

Date: February 24 1890

Newspaper published in: Laramie, WY

Page/Column: Page 1

Demise of New York's Many Times Millionaire From Heart Failure

New York, February 23. John Jacob ASTOR died yesterday of heart failure. ASTOR complained Friday morning of feeling unwell, but in the evening he went out to dinner. Soon after his return he became so ill the family sent for Dr. Fordyce BARKER. When he reached ASTOR's residence he found his patient already dying, with hardly any pulse perceptible. ASTOR continued to sink slowly until 4 o'clock in the morning, when he died. There were present at the death-bed William Waldorf ASTOR and a couple of other relatives.

John Jacob ASTOR was the eldest son of the late William ASTOR and a grandson of the original John Jacob ASTOR, who founded the fortunes of the family. He was the head of the third generation of the ASTOR family. He was born sixty-five years ago. In 1875 his father died, leaving John Jacob a two third's share of his estate, valued at $200,000,000. During the civil war ASTOR went to the front and served with credit as an aide-de-camp to General McCLELLAN. He is succeeded by an only son, William Waldorf ASTOR, who was Minister to Italy some years ago.

The funeral will take place Tuesday from Trinity Chapel. Thus passes away perhaps the richest man of certainly the head of the wealthiest family of this country. The benefactions of ASTOR and his wife, who died two years ago, were many and great.

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