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Description: Weaver Indignant Over Appeals for Exemptions From Military Service Carried on to Washington

Date: September 17 1917

Newspaper published in: Cheyenne, WY

Page/Column: Page 1

Weaver Indignant Over Appeals for Exemptions From Military Service Carried on to Washington

Having failed in their attempts to obtain exemption from military service through the decision of the state exemption board, which late last week completed its session at which exemption claims arising from the first draft are on their way from Wyoming citizens to the President according to records that have been filed with the adjutant general of the state, and in their anxiety to get directly to the "seat of power" it is said that not a few appeals have been wired to the White House without the formality of consulting the district board of exemption for Wyoming.

That the claims that have been forwarded from Wyoming will be turned down as rapidly as they are received at Washington is the opinion expressed today by Adjutant General W. K. WEAVER, who has said that in case the appears are allowed at Washington, he will inaugurate a campaign in Wyoming to "smoke out" those who would attempt to obtain exemption via the Presidential route.

Today Adjutant General WEAVER reiterated the statement of two days ago in which he said that in nearly all cases the appeals that have been sent to the President are from men of wealth or from men whose immediate relatives have comfortable incomes.

The man of small means, almost without exception has responded admirably, added Mr. WEAVER.

According to the adjutant general, the attempt to obtain exemption in some cases has revealed glaring irregularities. He pointed to one case from Converse County in which he said that the claim presented to the local board was based on the grounds of dependent relatives, the relatives, according to General WEAVER being a wife to whom the drafted man had been married less than a week. It further is alleged that the claim of "dependent" was made in spite of the fact that the person making the claim was supposed to have nearly $100,000 in money and real estate.

"The appeal to the state board in this case was based upon industrial reasons," asserted Mr. WEAVER.

All appeals that are sent to the President are based upon industrial grounds, that being the only class of appeals that may be carried to the Chief Executive for settlement. The names of those who have made appeal to Washington or for whom a plea of non-service has been entered are:

Walter Edwin Scott, Albany County.
G. C. Chisholm, Goshen County.
Arthur Alex Kincaid, Carbon County.
Angelo A. Clauser, Sweetwater County.
Colin Ward, Laramie County.
Louis A Delap, Laramie County.
John William DeLong, Laramie County.
Joseph E. Hanks, Sweetwater County.
Gilbert L. Rhinehart, Sweetwater County.
Floyd Theron Heathman, Laramie County.
George Andrew Eisle, Campbell County.
Jesse A. Compton, Washakie County.
Jubal Early Webb, Johnson County.
Theodore King, Laramie County.
George Morris Parks, Washakie County.
Carl T. William, Converse County.
William J. West Ashcroft, Laramie County.
Albert F. Holland, Washakie County.
George L. Blair, Albany County.
Carl Simon Johnson, Albany County.
Verne W. Mokler, Natrona County.
Joseph Briggs, Carbon County.
Frank L. Riley, Natrona County.
Charles J. Gerber, Natrona County.
Fred Schafer, Johnson County.
Gifford R. Whitman, Laramie County
Frank R. Bonnickson, Goshen County.
Harry D. McCormick, Carbon County.
Fred Sorn Wagensen, Campbell County.
John Henry Bell, Laramie County.

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