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Submit An Article Or Link
Submit An Article Or Link
Contributed by Barbara

Description: How to submit news article(s) or web link

To submit a news article or link, be sure to read the guidelines for acceptable articles which can be found by clicking here.

To submit a news article, follow the navigation links on this site and go to the county or province that the news article was originally published.

Once there, click on "Submit Article".

Information to complete on the form:

"Category" (Required)

If you clicked this link in the county / province of publication then the "Category" will be correct. If not, then please hit your browser's back button and follow the correct navigation links to get to the correct area.

"Alias Categories" (Optional) � Not visible by all users based on registration status.

This option allows you to select another county that this article is referring to. For example, if the article is an obituary of John Smith published in Smith County Arkansas but the obituary notes that he was originally from Johnson County New York, you can "alias" this article to Johnson County New York and a duplicate entry will appear in that section of the website. To take advantage of this option, you will need to first visit Johnson County New York to get their category id. The category id can be found by looking at the web address in your browser window. The last part of the link should read " &catid=638 ". The number 638 would then be the category id that you enter in this location.

"Newspaper Title" (Required)

This is very important and something must be entered here. The newspaper title box is what is used to direct the visitor to the news article. If you don't know the name of the newspaper then list the title as Unknown. Without a newspaper title, no one will be able to read your article. When typing in the newspaper title, please do not use all CAPS. This makes it difficult for the visitors to read and in the internet world is considered shouting.

"Newspaper Date" (Optional & Required)

A dropdown selection is available for the month and day of publication. You will need to type in the year. If the month and/or day is not known, you may leave them blank. If the year is unknown, please provide your best guess and then place a notation of this at the beginning of your news article.

"City" (Optional)

If known, place the name of the city in which the newspaper was published.

"Source" (Optional)

This box is used to indicate where you obtained the news article. For example: Scrapbook or Jonestown Library Microfilm, etc.

"Page / Column" (Optional)

This is for the page and column the article appears in the newspaper. For example: Page 3, Column 4

"Internet URL" (Optional)

This is used only for those submitting a link to a newspaper related website. Please read the guidelines found by clicking here before submitting a web link.

"Headline" (Optional)

This is the description of the news article that will appear on the main county page and the search page only. What you enter in this box does not appear with the actual news article. Sample entries in this box would be "Obituary of John Smith", "Barn Destroyed by Fire", etc. You are limited to 100 characters (including spaces) when entering text in this box.

"Type of Article" (Required)

The majority of submitters do not need to change this selection. All articles submitted by site visitors are "regular" articles. If you are submitting a link to a newspaper related website, then please change this to "Web Link".

�Your E-mail� (Optional) - Not visible by all users based on registration status.

If you are not registered on the site and you want to be notified when your article is approved for inclusion on this site enter your email address here. Be sure to place a check in the box below your email if your want to be notified when someone comments on your news article.

"Attach File" (Optional) - Not visible by all users based on registration status.

Registered users (members) of the site may include a picture file to go with the actual news article they are submitting. Due to copyright restrictions, we do not allow submission of complete newspaper images unless you own the original newspaper issue. It is a violation of copyright laws to scan images of microfilm and then place those images online without the permission of the original microfilm owner. However, fair use allows the copy of selected items, such as a photo that went with the article, an advertisement, etc. If you are in doubt, do not upload an image as you are responsible for any copyright violation that occurs due to your submission of the image.

"Actual Newspaper Article(s)" (Required)

Finally, this is where you place the actual text of the newspaper article(s) you are submitting.

"Original Submitter" (Optional)

This is for those that are submitting an article that was transcribed by someone else and placed on this site with the original transcribers permission. The majority of you will not use this box. The main purpose of this is for the administrators and coordinators to acknowledge the contributor of news articles to our various mail lists.

�Register a User Account� (Optional) - Not visible by all users based on registration status.

Individuals who submit news articles can come back and edit their article if needed. In order to be able to do that, the submitter must register for the site. You can do that by completing the �username� and �password� box here. If you are already registered on this site and just not logged in, simply enter your current username and password and this article will be credited to you.

�Security Image� (Required) - Not visible by all users based on registration status.

You must type in the letters and/or numbers shown in this image before you can submit your article. This is to prevent automatic �spiders� or other malicious programs from using this script.

"Submit Article"

Click here and your article will be placed online. Note: All articles submitted by site visitors and members must be approved by a coordinator or administrator before it will appear on the site. This is to eliminate abuse of the system. Articles submitted by contributors and coordinators will appear immediately and do not need further approval. For information on upgrading your registration to contributor or coordinator click here.

Submitted: 01/14/07

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