The Cooperstown Courier (ND)
The Cooperstown Courier (ND)
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Description: Explosion In a Mine - Six Men Killed

Date: March 30 1905

Newspaper published in: Cooperstown, ND


Page/Column: Page 2, Column 2

Indiana Colliery Scene of a Deadly
Disaster—Six Men Lose Their Lives.
Princeton, Ind., March 23.—Six miners dead and four injured, two probably fatally, is the result of an explosion in the mine of the Princeton Coal & Mining company Wednesday afternoon. The dead are: Hudson Weatherly, aged 30, married; Edmond Geiser, aged 23, single; Albert Geiser, 21, single; Harry Taggart, 46, single; William Biggs, 38, married; George Dill, 46, married.
The cause of the disaster is not known, save that it resulted from a powder explosion. The miners were making their blasts previous to leaving the mine, and the greater part of the miners had ascended. Whether it was a premature shot or an overcharge is not known now, nor is it known who fired the shot.


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