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The Alabama Enquirer
The Alabama Enquirer
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Personals; Grand Distribution Tickets;
School Concert; Strayed

Date: December 12 1889

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 3

================ Page 3, Column 3 =================
Mr. J. L. Echols of Decatur was in town Friday.

Miss Mattie James is visiting relatives near Decatur.

Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Fowler of Somerville visited in town Sunday.

Dr. D. M. Winton of Woodland Mills, one of the most prominent young physicians of the county, was in town last Thursday.

Mr. Phil L. Orr of Danville, one of the most successful farmers of Morgan County honored our office with a pleasant visit last Thursday.

Mr. B. F. Adams one of New Decatur’s most progressive young men honored the Enquirer office with his handsome presence Friday. His visit was very much appreciated and we hope he will call again.

J. W. Boatwright the popular R. R. agent at new Decatur, was visiting his “best” girl in Hartselle Sunday. “Boat” has many warm friends in town who will gladly extend in advance their warmest congratulations for his future happiness.

Mr. J. L. Francis of Prairie Lea, Tex., was in town this week visiting his old friends & school-mates. “Lem” is a former Morgan county boy and seven years ago was a student at the Hartselle College, he is now engaged in farming in “The Lone Star” state and is doing well. He speaks of the many advantages of Texas and is delighted with his Western house.
Grand Distribution Tickets
Tickets in the GRAND DISTRIBUTION of the ENQUIRER have been issued to the following persons since our last issue:
J. S. Turney, Hartselle, Ala.
John D. Akin, Hartselle, Ala.
Rob’t Wallace, Hartselle, Ala.
James D. Akin, Hartselle, Ala.
Alma C. Woodall, Hartselle, Ala.
R. A. Chunn, Hartselle, Ala.
W. F. Love, Hartselle, Ala.
H. Stewart, Hartselle, Ala.
L. D. Dean, Hartselle, Ala.
R. T. Puckett, Hartselle, Ala.
L. N. Stringer, Somerville, Ala.
Z. T. Ward, Somerville, Ala.
J. R. Love, Somerville, Ala.
Charles Weinmann, Somerville, Ala.
W. C. Ward, Somerville, Ala.
D. M. Winton, Woodland Mills, Ala.
George Ashworth, Woodland Mills, Ala.
G. M. McCutcheon, Woodland Mills, Ala.
Mrs. Sallie Dancy, Priceville, Ala.
J. B. M. Morris, Cedar Plains, Ala.
E. P. McClanahan, McClanahan’s, Ala.
P. L. Orr, Danville, Ala.
J. F. Niell, Blue Springs, Ala.
T. P. Thompson, Gandie’s Cove, Ala.
L. A. Niell, Gandie’s Cove, Ala.
J. L. Francis, Prairie Lea, Texas
N. M. Moore, Palestine, Tenn.
School Concert
On Friday night Dec. 20th the Primary Department of the Hartselle M. & F. College will give an entertainment. An admittance fee of 10cts. for children and 20cts for adults will be charged. Every workman needs his tools and we hope to be able to procure with the concert money, such things as we deem most needful for the benefit of our school. Everyone is invited to attend & we shall exert ourselves to give you a pleasant entertainment. Exercises will open promptly at 7:00 P.M.
Mary Russell,
Principal Primary Department.
From the undersigned on the 30th day of November 1889, from my place six miles N. E. of Moulton one sorrel filly 3 years old last spring, blaze face, left hind foot white up to the knee, branded on the left shoulder and hip, brands not remembered. I will pay five dollars for the delivery of said animal at my house one fourth mile from Pitt P. O. Lawrence County, Ala.


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