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Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
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Description: Local Brevities; Chancery Court;
Death of Mrs. Fleming Jordan; Presbyterian Supper;
An Interesting Occasion; High Compliment Bestowed;
Married - Frankinberger & Cropper, Wingfield & Durando

Date: November 26 1885

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 2

================ Page 3, Column 2 =================
Mr. Ruben Chapman recently sent to our office a mammoth turnip which tipped the beam at 4 pounds and 14 ounces.
Chancery Court
Chancellor S. K. McSpadden convened the Chancery Court, Monday, and has been steadily engaged disposing of business before the Court. This is or may be a court of two weeks’ duration.
Death of Mrs. Fleming Jordan
Mrs. Jordan, relict of the late Dr. Fleming Jordan, died at her home near Maysville and was buried Sunday, Nov. 22, Rev. J. M. Banister conducting the service. Deceased was endowed with many exalted and lovely traits of character and her death brings deep grief to those whose privilege it had been to know her well.
A Presbyterian Supper
The supper given by the Sunday school children of the Presbyterian Church, at the Schaudies building, Monday night, was a signal success. Special credit is due to Mrs. S. J. Mayhew for her skillful management of the affair, while the young and beautiful girls, in their witching attention as waitresses, added greatly to the delightful occasion. The supper was all that could be asked for. All vote the match at blowing soap bubbles to have been exceedingly amusing.
An Interesting Occasion
The “Willing Workers,” a class of little children of the Cumberland Presbyterian Sunday School, gave an entertainment at the home of the Pastor of the Church, last Friday night, consisting of recitations, readings, music, &c. The attendance was very large, embracing many old persons and people of all denominations. Everything passed off well and everybody showed a great interest in the proceedings. Refreshments were served by the little band of earnest workers and contributed greatly to the enjoyment of the assembly. The receipts aggregated $13.00. They will give another entertainment at the residence of Mr. J. C. Steele, to-morrow (Friday) night, at which there will be something novel and amusing for the entertainment of those who attend.
A High Compliment, Most Worthily Bestowed
Col. John D. Weeden has been chosen as Professor of Law of the University of Alabama a vacancy having arisen in this professorship by the election of the recent incumbent, Hon. John M. Martin to congress. Col. Weeden will leave in a few days to enter upon the duties for which he is peculiarly fitted. He is thoroughly versed in the law and has attained to high general scholarship __n honoring him, a graduate of our State University, the University will bestow upon itself a worthy compliment. He is a modest gentleman, of great accuracy of knowledge not given to seeking place, but always ready to do his duty as faithfully as when during the dark days of our civil war, he led one of Alabama’s most gallant regiments on many a bloody field.
FRANKINBERGER—CROPPER—Near Huntsville, Ala., November 18, 1885, Mr. A. C. Frankinberger and Miss Lula Cropper were united in marriage. Rev. Mr. Shepherd, of the Christian Church, officiating. We wish the young couple a long and happy married life.
WINGFIELD—DURANDO—Married, in Chattanooga, Tenn., Tuesday, November 24, 1885, Mr. A. R. Wingfield, of Chattanooga, to Miss Wiley Durando, daughter of Mr. E. P. Durando, formerly of Huntsville; and now residing in Chattanooga. Huntsville friends extend congratulations.


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