Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
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Description: Lost Her Reason - Two Cruel Disappointments

Date: December 9 1886

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 9

A Young Lady Goes Insane Over
Two Cruel Disappointments—
Frenzied With Love
WILKESBARRE, PA., Dec. 4.—In 1880 a marriage insurance company was incorporated at Reading, Pa. The object of the company was to insure marriageable young people of both sexes. The insured paid monthly fees just the same as those insured in life or accident companies. If the insure remained single for one year they could receive $250; if the doubling up process was put off for two years they would get $500, and if they held out three years $1,000 would be paid. In case they married in the meantime they would receive nothing, and all the money paid in would go to the company. While the whole thing was a snap affair, it prospered nevertheless. Agents of the company were sent to different parts of the country, and many dupes were secured to invest money. Amongst those who invested was Miss Mary Hefler, of this city. She took out a three-year policy, which expired last Wednesday. She paid her dues every month and looked forward with joy to the time when she would receive her prize. In the meantime she kept her lover, Jacob Besty, a respectable young mechanic, in waiting and refused to marry him until she got her money. He tried to persuade her to hasten the event, but she would not listen to him, saying she would lose all the money paid in if she did. A month ago, she notified her betrothed that she would get her money on the 20th of October, and would be ready to marry him to-day. Preparations were made for the wedding, and in furnishing the house Miss Heffer contracted debts to the amount of $500. On Saturday, the young lady was notified that the company was insolvent, and could not pay claim. This worried her a great deal, but she was cheered by the fact that Besty promised to marry her anyhow. This morning the would-be bride waited and waited, but Besty failed to show up. He went East Sunday night. Miss Heffer went into hysterics, from which she has not yet recovered. Physicians say she has lost her reason.

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