Daily Picayunne (AR)
Daily Picayunne (AR)
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Description: Cave Has Natural Heat – Discovered by Yarnell and Eide

Date: June 9 1921

Newspaper published in: Prescott, AR

Source: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 3

Cave Has Natural Heat
A naturally heated cave has been discovered at Horse Butte, near Bend, Ore., which apparently draws its warmth from a subterranean volcanic source. The discovery was made by C. A. Yarnell and H. D. Eide, local fuel dealers. The cave Is located near the top of the butte and first attracted attention when a wave of heat was felt issuing from the mouth. The cinder bottom and rock walls of the tunnel are unbearably hot to the touch, the heat increasing as far back as could be explored. That the phenomenon is a recent manifestation was indicated by the smoldering of grass and twigs near the opening. To test the natural oven Mr. Yarnell cooked a light breakfast by introducing raw articles of food into the aperture and closing the orifice for a few moments.

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