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Description: Charles H. Halsey - Statement of Facts Relating to Career;
Visiting Merchants

Date: February 24 1904

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 3

================ Page 2, Column 3 =================
Strong Statement of Facts
Relating to His Career
His Friends Present Claims For His
Election to the Office of Probate Judge
When any man offers for a public office it is nothing but right and proper that the people make inquiry and know something of the man, his qualifications for the position he seeks and the basis of his claims before his people. Therefore, the friends of Charles H. Halsey, candidate for the office of probate judge of Madison County in the primary election April 11th, beg to present some facts for the consideration of the people, and especially of the voters, touching Mr. Halsey, his qualifications and claims. As most of you know, he was born and reared in out county and here he has spent his life. It is not saying only what are facts, when it is stated, he is a man of excellent common sense, fine business judgment and splendid administrative and executive ability, all essential qualities in the office of probate judge, and all of which he has fully exemplified in a successful business career in Huntsville for many years. He has always been noted for public spirit and enterprise along the lines of the improvement and upbuilding of Huntsville and Madison County. It is well known in Huntsville, that in 1884-5, when Huntsville and Madison County only had one railroad, Mr. Halsey did most faithful and effective work in securing he construction into Huntsville of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway from Elora, contributing most liberally of his money toward the $40,000 and right of way that was demanded.
Every informed man knows that that road was the great entering wedge to the future growth of the city of Huntsville and gave the whole people of the county the benefit of competition in freights they never could have had with just one railroad. Furthermore, when this road was proposed to go south, Mr. Halsey again contributed liberally of his means and devoted much time and labor toward securing the additional benefits of railroad competition by having an extension clear through the county.
Then in 1889, when the outlook was gloomy for Huntsville, Mr. Charles H. Halsey was induced to throw his energy and work into action, and took charge as general manager of the North Alabama Improvement Co. Here it was Mr. Halsey displayed his strong qualities as a sagacious and wise business man. More than any other one man, he secured for Huntsville the great Dallas Mills, and this every one concedes who knows the facts. While he did a great work for Huntsville and gave it the start that is destined to make it the greatest cotton milling center in the South, he sacrificed his own interest, for as is known, soon the depression came which culminated in the panic of 1893, broke out and created conditions that put a stop to any and all undertakings by the said North Alabama Improvement Co., thus throwing him out of employment and leaving nothing with which to build up an old business again, that had been scattered and diverted into other hands. Bur Mr. Halsey has never been the man to “cry over spilt milk,” or to give up. He has gone forth cheerfully and bravely, silently and uncomplainingly borne his own griefs and burdens, laboring daily to support a wife and children, as every true man should do.
His friends think and believe these years of patriotic service to his town and county, where great personal sacrifice was made, are entitled to some consideration by the voters of Madison County, especially when his qualifications and business and business capacity will compare favorably with any of the gentlemen opposing him. No man has ever been a more loyal democrat, it that is a matter to be considered. If loyal and faithful service for the betterment of one’s people and country weigh for anything, then the friends of Charles H. Halsey can confidently assert that his claims have more merit than either of the gentlemen contesting this office with him. As he worked and labored for his people in private life, his friends call well claim he can and will do more for upbuilding Huntsville and Madison County if put where greater opportunities are afforded.
The office of Probate Judge is one of great importance and should be filled, first of all, by a clear headed, thorough sound business man.
Visiting Merchants
The following merchants were visiting in the city yesterday:
J. E. Tipton, of Moulder.
R. L. Armstrong, of Haden.
J. B. Vassar, of Coalton.
W. Y. Vaughn, of Monrovia.
D. E. Kelley, of Jeff.

[Transcription Note: This weekly paper is a composite of articles from the prior week. Articles in this column are usually from 6 days prior to this issue.]

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