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Huntsville Weekly Mercury (AL)
Huntsville Weekly Mercury (AL) new
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: News of the Courts - Several Cases Disposed;
Mr. Hundley Endorsed; Valuable Lot Sold

Date: February 24 1904

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 4

================ Page 2, Column 4 =================
Several Arrests Made by
Deputy Arnold
He is Taking Prisoners to Gadsden.
There Being No Commissioner Here.
Deputy Marshal Arnold has returned from Gadsden where he carried several prisoners to be tried before United States Commissioner Pickard. All prisoners are taken to that town for the present, as there is no commissioner here. Pick Roden, a well-known distiller of North Marshall County, was arrested for retailing and taken to Gadsden where he was bound over. Hub Sherrell of Guntersville and Boss Bowling of Albertville were arrested for retailing and bound over. John Vaughan was released after a hearing on the same charge. Mr. Arnold will go back into Marshall County tomorrow to make other arrests.
Several cases were disposed of by the circuit court yesterday. Percy Adlee was convicted of the charge of burglary and in the case of Percy Branscomb, charged with carrying a concealed pistol, the jury returned a verdict of guilty and the defendant was fined $125 and costs. Branscomb is the negro who shot Horace Drake several months ago. The case of grand larceny and burglary against Will Mason were nolled.
The murder case of Bud Bell, who killed Frank Stewart in West End Saloon, is set for trial today. A special venire of jurymen has been drawn. The trial will attract a large crowd.
A marriage license was issued yesterday to Wm. L. Mitchell and Miss Ada F. Smith, of Merrimack.
Walker County Republicans Wish
Him to be Delegate at Large
Deputy Collector V. S. Root has returned from a visit down in Walker County after having attended the County republican mass meeting held at Cordova. The meeting was attended by 300 of the leading republicans of the county and was said to be the best meeting every held there by the G. O. P. President Roosevelt was endorsed without a dissenting vote and Chas. H. Scott, one of President’s referees was endorsed for the position of National Committeeman, vice J. W. Dimmick. Hon. Oscar R. Hundley of Huntsville was endorsed for delegate at large to the National Republican convention the nine county delegates to the state convention were instructed to cast their votes for him.
The meeting nominated a full county ticket for Walker County.
Valuable Lot Sold
Mrs. Bettie Schiffman has sold to Mrs. Lillie Vorenberg the lot on Randolph Street between the lots of J. N. Mazza and the Clay heirs. The consideration was $2,700. Mrs. Vorenberg will erect a handsome residence on the lot.

[Transcription Note: This weekly paper is a composite of articles from the prior week. Articles in this column are usually from 6 days prior to this issue.]

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