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Weekly Stockton Democrat
Weekly Stockton Democrat
Contributed by deesar

Description: April 17 & 24, 1859

Date: April 1859

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

Sunday, 17 Apr 1859

MARRIED -- in this city, at the residence of the bride’s father, Tuesday, 12th inst., by the Rev. Mr. HAGER; Henry C. MALLORY to Maria B., daughter of the Hon. Otis L. BRIDGES, all of Stockton.

WOUNDED -- Mr. Alfred TAYLOR, of the Stockton Wood Yard, met with an accident yesterday, whereby his hand was severely wounded from coming in contact with the circular saw.

SUICIDE -- The Iowa Hill ‘Patriot’ records the suicide of one MARLOW, of that place. He was from Wisconsin, and aged about 55 years. Some months ago, MARLOW heard of the death of his wife. He was desirous of returning to Wisconsin in order to provide for his daughter, but through the dishonesty of a person with whom he had intrusted his means, was prevented.


ARREST of an ESCAPED PRISONER -- 2 prisoners escaped from the county jail at Mokelumne Hill on Tuesday, and succeeded in getting beyond the reach of the officers before the fact of their escape became known. While the jailer was about entering the cell in which they were confined, one of the prisoners struck him a blow on the head with a bottle which knocked him senseless to the floor, and before he recovered, the prisoners had left, the prisoners had left, having taken a 6-shooter from his person while he lay senseless.

A reward of $100 was immediately offered for the delivery of the prisoners, one of whom was arrested yesterday by Mr. COLE at the North American House on the Mokelumne Hill road, and taken to the county seat. His name is DICKSON and was in jail upon a charge of horse-stealing. He was recognized by a member of the Grand Jury which indicted him, who gave the information that led to his arrest. His companion took a different direction and may succeed in evading detection.


LOST MAN -- Several days since, a man was seen to disappear in the water at Jackson Wharf, San Francisco, with a carpet sack in hand, upon the arrival of the Sacramento boat. It since appears that the drowned man’s name is Charles MILLER, a German, who had left El Dorado county on his way to the Atlantic States with a considerable amount of money in his possession. His body has not been recovered.


LOSS of the OVERLAND MAIL to Stockton -- The following account is given by Mr. John HALL, carrier of the mail on the overland route between Kansas City and Stockton:

He left Neosho, Mo., for Albuquerque, N.M., on 5th November last, having in charge the mail, consisting of about 4 or 5 pounds of letters and papers. He started with the intention of overtaking Lieut. STEIN and Lieut. BEALE, with their escort, who were some 8 or 10 days in advance of him.

When about 24 hours behind Lieut. STEIN’s party, he judged from their camp fires, HALL was attacked by a band of Camanche Indians, about 40 in number, who succeeded in taking him prisoner -- not, however, without resistance on his part. He was severely wounded by arrows in the leg and side, and his mule was shot dead. The mail was destroyed.

For 4 or 5 weeks HALL was completely prostrated by his wounds and was compelled, on his recovery, to follow his captors from place to place on the prairies. About the middle of February, having recovered from his wounds, he succeeded in making his escape on one of the horses belonging to the Indians. For 4 days and nights he traveled incessantly, without rest or food, but succeeded in gaining the settlements, although so debilitated he could scarcely sit upon his horse.

Mr. HALL reached St. Louis on 11th March. His exposures as a voyageur had hardened him in a manner as to enable him to bear his sufferings that would have killed another man.

Sunday, 24 Apr 1859

MARRIED -- in this city, April 19th, at St. John’s church, by Rev. E.W. HAGER; Harbeson HICKMAN, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth DICKINSON. [Arkansas, Delaware and Philadelphia papers please copy.] [We acknowledge the receipt of a liberal tender of sparkling “Heidsick,” in which numerous sentiments were expressed embodying every kind wish for the future happiness and prosperity of the newly-wedded pair.]

HYMENIAL -- A large and fashionable audience assembled Tuesday afternoon in St. John’s church to witness the interesting yet solemn performance of the marriage ceremony, in which a gentleman prominent among the wealthy men of our city, and a young lady, the centre of a wide circle of acquaintances, were parties most directly interested. As the bridal train entered the church all eyes were fixed upon them, and as they wended their way to the foot of the chancel a breathless silence prevailed and continued until the ceremony ended. While the audience were waiting impatiently the appearance of the bridal party, the organist performed a voluntary, introducing the popular air of “Hail Columbia” -- the latter at the request of a number of the personal friends of the groom, deeming it an appropriate occasion. The newly married couple took their departure last evening for San Francisco, accompanied by a retinue of friends and acquaintances, among whom were a number of our bachelor citizens -- aspiring candidates for matrimonial honors.

WEDDING JOLLIFICATIONS -- The San Joaquin river on Tuesday night had a fair share of wedding parties. The Cornelia bore to San Francisco Mr. H. HICKMAN and his blooming bride, while the J. Bragdon, not to be outdone in the way of carrying newly married couples, brought from San Francisco, at the same time, her commander, Captain MOSEBY, and his fair bride. Captain CONKLIN, of the Cornelia, ever prone to pleasant surprises, proposed one for the Bragdon, in honor of her bridal freight, of a brilliant description. As the 2 boats neared each other, about 9 ½ o’clock in the evening (writes a passenger), the Cornelia suddenly appeared in a blaze of light to the astonished gaze of those on the Bragdon. At a signal from Capt. CONKLIN blue lights appeared on the Cornelia, and rockets were sent up in all directions. The reflection of the blue lights on the water, and the sight of the rockets illuminating the heavens with artificial stars, bewildered the passengers on the Cornelia who were not posted. One man was seen running with carpet bag in hand, looking for a place to go ashore, expostulating with anxious inquirers as to what he was about, and declaring his anxiety to get off at Martinez. He supposed the boat near there and ready to land him, and feared he would be carried by. It appeared that he happened to look out of the cabin window and seeing the stars of several rockets at a distance that had nearly fallen to the ground, he took them for lights in Martinez, and these with the blaze of light forward, he supposed was to enable the pilot not to miss the wharf. His hurried appearance with carpet sack in hand, excited the risibles of those who observed his hot haste and anxiety not to be carried by his point of destination. The good taste of Captain CONKLIN in giving this surprise to his fellow-Captain produced a happy effect and passed off without accident to mar its pleasure.

The reception of Capt. MOSEBY upon his arrival in this city the same night was _gnalizd [1st letter or 2 illeg] by the firing of cannon, music, and a general congratulation of the host of friends to whom he has become attached since his connection with the Stockton route.


-The District Court granted on Wednesday a divorce to the plaintiff in the case of M.L. BIRD vs. Elizabeth BIRD. The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the case of BAKER vs. BAKER, involving similar grounds of complaint, will probably prevent an appeal.
-In the case of WERMUTH vs. WERMUTH, a decree of divorce was granted in favor of plaintiff -- the allegation of desertion being sustained.
-The Supreme Court has decided in favor of the plaintiff in the notorious case of BAKER vs. BAKER, reversing the judgment of the Court below, and annulling the marriage.

Stockton; Thos. BARNES
Horr’s Ranch; G.D. DICKINSON
Loving’s; Barton HOPE
Murphy’s; Alonzo RHODES
Coulterville; Geo W. COULTER
Forlorn Hope; Fred. BECKER [or DECKER]
Merced Falls; Adam YATES
Quartsburg; D.M. POOL
Visalia; J.B. STEVENS
Millerton; George RIVERCOMB
Snellings; Mr. TURNER
Don Pedro’s Bar; Col. SMITH
Suisun City; J.B. LEMON
Healdsburg; Peter A. FORSEE
Denverton; Dr. S.K. NURSE
Vacaville; Col. Larkin RICHARDSON
Alamos; Jas. N. ALLEN
M’Cartyville; John W. FARWELL
Oakland; Hoag & Co.’s Express
Sacramento; E.B. DAVIDSON
General Agent for San Joaquin River; Capt. DURHAM

SENTENCED to be HUNG -- Jacob ELYES was sentenced Thursday in the District Court to be hung on Friday the 3d day of June, for the murder of McWADE. Motion for a new trial was argued and overruled; and the prisoner being asked if he had anything to say why sentence should not be passed upon him, replied that “he knew of no reason why he should be thus treated, and called upon God to witness his assertion that he knew nothing of the murder of McWADE and was wholly innocent of any participation in the cause of his death.” An appeal will be taken, based principally upon the hope of obtaining a new trial in which the evidence of the leading witness (a Turk) may not be allowed. The greatest interest was manifested during the lengthy argument for new trial, the Court Room being crowded with persons eager to learn the result. The prisoner, upon sentence being pronounced upon him, blanched, and exhibited an appearance that indicated a consciousness of his dreadful position.

GOOD for SAN JOAQUIN -- The Vice Regent of the Ladies’ Mount Vernon Association acknowledges the receipt of remittances from San Joaquin county, as follows:
Mrs. Caroline E. SPERRY, $20.75
Mrs. A. SHELL, $100.25
Mrs. D.M. LOCKE, $92

VICE REGENT -- We with pleasure notice the fact that Mrs. D.J. STAPLES has been appointed one of the Vice Regents of the Mount Vernon Association, for the collection of funds in San Joaquin county, to further the patriotic efforts to erect a Monument worthy of him whose name will be revered as long as our country exists -- the immortal WASHINGTON.

DRUNKEN MINSTREL -- Hugh DONNELLY, formerly connected with a strolling company of Ethiopian Minstrals, was picked up drunk in San Francisco on Tuesday night. He was taken to the Police Court charged with being a “common drunkard,” and will be compelled to serve a term in jail.

SUDDEN DEATH -- A man named Wm. NICHOLS, a native of Roxbury (Mass), aged 50 years, was found dead, Wednesday morning, sitting upright in his chair, in a cabin near the United States Marie Hospital, at San Francisco.


A WOMAN MURDERED near Angels -- A telegram to the Sacramento ‘Union’ on the 19th inst., says:

A woman named CLINE was found this morning near Angel’s. From appearances she had been dead about 10 days. The doors were locked and the keys all gone. There was no money or jewelry in the house, and the trunks were opened. There were marks on her throat as if she had been strangled. From the fact that she was known to have money it is supposed she was murdered, the house robbed, and that the murderers left after locking the doors, taking the keys with them. Her husband has been living at Big Oak Flat, in Tuolumne county, for some time past, and has written to her constantly, until within 2 weeks, when letters ceased to come.

Submitted: 04/10/06

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